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    Originally Posted by hiff8 View Post
    Yah i guess it done and done well TIME TO EV TRAIN 9 diff teams in a row PS: were is a link to a thread about the 3rd game to black and white i cant seem to find it
    The only thread on the third game is the speculation thread. Since the game hasn't been announced yet, that's all there is to do involving it: speculate.

    Originally Posted by Poke Mitchell View Post
    How can i get celebi without cheating/event. Anyone have one they are willing to trade?
    And i caught an axew at level 30, trained it to 36, evolved it, and it seems very week. i was told to make an egg of it a train the level 1 all the way to what i wanted.. Should i do that or just keep training it?
    I have been giving it as many minerals as possible but idk if its working that well...
    You can try the Quick Trade thread in the Wi-Fi Center to see if anyone is willing to trade you a Celebi.

    As for your Axew, personally, I would say train it from level 1. That way, the Pokemon will gain more EVs from battling than the one you caught at level 30. Then there would be a 37 level difference to gain experience and EVs than the 8 level one for the wild Pokemon.

    How is your current Fraxure weak? Perhaps you have a bad nature for what you want it to do in battle.
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