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Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
Username: LilJz1234
Reason for Joining the Club: Because this is a great community♥
Who's PC's Site Admin?: Rukario! Obviously!

How did you find out about PC?
I remember when I had HeartGold, I wanted to trade with people so badly but none of my friends played Pokemon (except some). So on one random boring day I decided to type in 'Pokemon Forum' on Google then I stumbled upon this gold mine of Pokemon related site called PokeCommunity :P
Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
I have to join this.
Username: AWsquared
Reason for Joining the Club: Cause PC is my favorite forums and I feel like home here. I have made many friends here who are some of the nicest people I know. In the almost year I've been here, this place has become my life.
Who's PC's Site Admin?: Rukario

How did you find out about PC?

I found out about PC through people on Bulbagarden. At the time , I was looking to join more Pokemon forums cause I want to be more involved in the fandom and it's community. So I Googled "Pokemon forums" and PC was the first result One thing that somewhat convinced me to was that I saw this forum had progress journals threads for Pokemon games and I was wanting to keep a record of my progress in my Diamond file. Unlike alot of people, I had no interest in rom hacking haha. But eventually I made lot of friends and opened up to the community and now it's become my life to go on PC.
Guys, welcome! I updated the list of members just now!

So... new topic!

What's your favorite board on PC? (Like OC&D, OVP, BW, etc.)
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