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    Reason for Joining the Club: Its the only Pokemon forum that I joined and I am the most active here.

    Who's PC's Site Admin?: Rukario obviously, testing me huh?

    How did you find out about PC?I don't know, but I thinks its by googling 'Pokemon forum' and the first one is PC, I lurked on PC for like 2 years before joining. I mostly admire the trade corner's traders' Pokemon on their shinyness and that's where I also learnt about EV training and IVs stats.

    What's your favorite board on PC?
    The Other Trivia forums of course, I spam my way there all day long whenever I am free, I rarely post on other sections because I feel that there is a need to think on how to post a constructive post and I am a lazy person, so that's why my posts has all been short.