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As some may know, I have already released some fan games. But in the case of The Camry Legend, a few things still remain. Things such as the region map and character sprites, like the ones you see in battle.
What I'm looking for is a better region map design to be displayed on the Town Map, and Trainer sprite artists.
So, if you're interested in helping, you can PM me here. I'm available anytime, since I'm never too busy.

My current team members are none so far. That's why I'm recruiting!

As an added note, I am also working on a new fan game, based on the Florida Keys. Something new and (probably) not done before. So the region map I would like some help with that too. But Camry Legend takes priority.

I hope this thread is enough! If it's missing anything, I can add it. If you have questions then ask away.