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The point I'm trying to make is that she doesn't seem like an inept criminal at all, as you mentioned in the first paragraph of the Galactic trio's POV. Quite the opposite, in fact. If you were trying to portray her as such, I honestly don't think that she could have gotten anywhere near an Israeli government building with fifty pounds of Semtex; Mossad would have stepped in immediately and stopped her before she would have gotten close.

I'm very interested in seeing what you do with Pearl's character. I'm truly wondering what she's done to make Team Galactic want to kill her.


Indeed. Liza has hidden depths, as we shall see. Astute reader that you are, you have spotted my first clue, although I admit I didn't make it very hard to spot. (That's the reason I chose the Israeli government, rather than any other.) Her story will be unfolded as time goes on.

The fact that I mention inept goons is a reference to my old friends Fabien and Blake, who I'm silently crying for because I miss them. You're right that it does come across a little oddly when combined with my hint about Liza's background; I'll reconsider the combination. EDIT: Rephrased it. Now it's slightly weirder and probably gives more away than I wanted to just now, but never mind; it makes more sense.

Also, Ashley is not Looker. I really wish I could claim he was, because I've just realised that he has a French surname (that he shares with Phoebe in The Thinking Man's Guide to Destroying the World, for kicks) and it'd be really cool. But no, Looker will appear, in his own bumbling Clouseau-esque character, because I find him too funny to make into anything other than himself.

The beginning is quite interesting, it seems Liza and Tristan are inspired by Fabien and Blake. The Croagunk is the counterpart of Goishi, isn't he? Anyway, good luck and I hope it will be just as enjoyable as The Thinking Man's Guide to Destroying the World is.
Ooh, this new story sounds interesting. I like the twist on the D/P/Pl games. Liza and Tristan sound sort of like Fabien and Blake to me! And Croagunk is like ever-faithful Goishi... I'll definitely continue reading this story.
Just to clarify, guys, Liza and Tristan will not be like Fabien and Blake. I don't want to stoop to cloning characters from previous stories in order to make them amusing. Their Croagunk is not sentient, like Goishi; it's more like a frog than anything else.

But there is a funny talking Pokémon, so you can all rest easy there.