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Just to clarify how the extra evolution slot works by way of example. Say I have a Charizard and want Charizard Y. I would add the Charizard evolution using evolution type 0xFE (Mega) and variant 0 (standard Mega Evolution - not sure any tools can edit that padding yet). We used Charizard Y as the target species for the evolution. Next we use the item (Charizardite) as the evolution argument. This is the first evolution. The second is for Charizard Y. We define the 0xFE and variant 0 evolution, with target species Charizard. The argument is 0, which means that it's reversion information. At the end of the battle, the code checks all your party Pokemon for whether they have reversion information and reverts them if they do.

Meh, unless people are Mega Evolving Eevee, the extra entries aren't going to be an issue. This is amazing by the way. Is AI Mega Evolution going to be super complicated to code? Because it seems like it's going to be. Awesome work, and thank you for always sharing all of your stuff with the community.
I don't think it will be hard at all. Even in Gen 6, the AI just Mega Evolves at the first possible opportunity. I'm going to copy this and make a check before the opponent makes a move:

if (can_mega_evolve(current_pokemon)) {
So hopefully this shouldn't be too difficult.

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