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(Chapter 10 is out)
Chapter 10: "No one deserves to die that way..."

I sheathed my sword and dashed out of the asylum, doing everything in my power to make it to southern Lumoise.

"If anyone can save us... it's the one man whose dealt with a Deoxys before..."

The sun began to rise, as I finally made my way back to the southern Pokecenter, and found Liuetinant Charles living the life of a homeless person on the sidewalk.

"I know your suffering through a lot right now, but we NEED you!!! There's a genner in this city, and they used someone as a sacrificial proxy to unleash an army of Deoxy's! Please, unsheathe your sword, and help us, so we can survive!!!" I begged him.

"Deoxys...? Did you say... Deoxys?!"He questioned in a crazy tone of voice.

"Y-yes..." I stepped back in fear."

He began to scream psychotically and laugh manically at the same time. Something wasn't wrong with him. This was nowhere near the help I was looking for.

Cythica ran over and looked me in the eye.
"he's a lost cause now! All we can do is pray that we can sound the alarm so that the city can evacuate!"

The two of us began dashing towards the pokecenter to sound the city alarm.

Cythica and I charged towards the Pokecenter, but before we could make it, the sound of Cythica screaming burrowed in my ears. I looked back to see a Defense-Mode Deoxys wrapping it's tentacle-like wires around Cythica's neck, squeezing tightly and nearly strangling her to death.

"CYTHICA!!!" I yelled in concern.

"G-go without me... the people matter more..." She groaned as the hold grew tighter and her skin turned dark purple.

I ran into the Pokecenter and screamed the words"SOUND THE ALARM!!!". The nurse quickly reached her way to the alarm, but suddenly stopped out of nowhere. Lightning crackled around her body, as if she had been paralyzed.

Deoxys wiggled his way out of the alarm, using his power to travel through technological devices. I started stuttering in fear of what was to happen next.

As soon as he slithered his way out of the alarm, he launched his sharp, tentacle-like wires into the cornea's of Nurse Joy's eyes. After scraping the top of her eyeballs, the wires smashed their way through the back of the nurses, and curved so that the tip of the wire was at the stomach while the middle of it was still going through her eye. The wires then stabbed through her gut, her entire abdomen explosively popping open from the impact.

I watched the horrifying sight of the nurses guts draining out of the whole in her stomach. As disgusting as it was, if I turned away, It could be more likely for me to be next. A pool of her blood and body juices, as well as both of her intestines filled the floor around me. The death I had witnessed had forced every part of my mind to suffer the worst mental pain ever imaginable. My fear and depression intensified to levels powerful enough for me to blow a casket in my brain. I couldn't think of anything other than the horror of merciless terror of such cruel and Gorey violence having to ever exist.

If anyone lives after all of this war against Pokemon is over, no one will ever understand what its like to live in a world built for the sole purpose of you and everyone you love or even hate dying. I used to think it was meaningful to care about friends, family, and loved ones- to try our best in everything we did, to make a change in this filthy disgusting world. But sadly, there isn't. I wish I could know what it was like. For happiness to exist.