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Posted December 1st, 2017
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Varien the Kecleon

Varien watched as the other Pokemon entered the store. Second after him was a Chimecho, who didn't even glance at him. She'll be someone I need on my side. Next was a Bidoof. This Amaryllis really had the bar set low... The Bidoof also didn't acknowledge him, but probably because he didn't know other Pokemon were here.

Once they had all seated, Amaryllis gave a speech, which was mostly complaining about the other store. Varien tried to remember the name to no success. It didn't matter anyway, all he had to do was nod and smirk when she said something negative about it, and eventually pay it out himself. It was going to be easy to rise above this establishment; he only had to hold out for a day or two for the money.

As the end, Amaryllis asked for a volunteer.The Bidoof was over excited, as expected. Varien kept his cool, smiling, then met Amaryllis' eyes. There was no need to raise a hand when there were only three of them here.