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Rustboro City - May 3rd 2021, Monday

A smile played on her features as she gazed absent-mindedly out through the glass wall. In the distance, the ocean was glittering in the high noon sunlight. This was such an exciting day. Her very first battlers had just been here, one after another, to pick up the special pokémon she had acquired for them along with the pokédexes that now kept their trainer IDs. The new battlers would travel the region with these pokémon, most likely capture and train even more pokémon along the way, and they would always consider the ways Aura played a part in everything they did together with these creatures. She pressed a hand towards the smooth, cool glass. Surely they wouldn't forget about the mission she had given them?

On this Monday, the city was bustling with life, people and vehicles. Rustboro was one of the largest cities in the region, and certainly the most industrially active, aside for some more specialized activities in Mossdeep. But there weren't that many cars. While trucks and railroads were still indisputably best for transporting wares and equipment, people mostly transported themselves from place to place by riding pokémon or (most commonly) through pokémon-drawn carts. Or, which certainly was common in southern Hoenn, they went the searoute by boat between towns. As such, Rustboro's central streets weren't filled with traffic, but with people and pokémon.

Professor Cypress took her hand off the glass wall at last. She could only imagine the plethora of excited emotions her battlers must be feeling now, as they were taking their first steps together with their new pokémon partners and preparing to leave the city and head out on the road!

((OOC: If I don't list any pokémon or events in particular, there are no pokémon that can be captured right now, and you're free to do what you wish.))