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Chiara - Rustboro City, May 3rd

It had been an amazing morning.

First, Chiara had awoken at the simple inn where she had stayed (only official battlers could stay for free at pokémon centers, although any trainer could get their pokémon healed for free) and the weather had been amazing. Then, she had grabbed herself as much breakfast as she could dare to afford at a nearby café - she couldn't face the professor hungry. And then she had finally gone to the professor's lab, as she had been planning ever since she left Lavaridge Town.

When she exited the lab, she was holding a pokéball in her hand, containing her very first own pokémon, and battle bred at that. They had only briefly met when Cypress gave Chiara a few options to choose from, so she was barely keeping it together now as she walked to find a park or calmer street where she could let her companion out again and present herself to it properly.

When she found it, a totally empty street right next to a lawn with some bushes and trees, she walked out onto the well kept grass and said: "Vulpix,
come out!"

She was still holding the pokéball when it sprung open, surprising her a bit but not making her drop it. A bright light came out and materialized on the ground in the form of a small red fox-like creature. It yawned, blinked a few times, then found Chiara's eyes. They looked at each other for a few seconds that felt like several eternities to the girl, before Vulpix gave out a happy yelp and started wagging its tails. Chiara felt immense relief - he liked her!

"Oh wow, my first pokémon! I'm so happy to have you, Vulpix!" she cried out as she crouched down to hug it. It didn't back away, and seemed to enjoy the affection.