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Chapter 1-1 | Baby Steps

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Zoey sighed as she listened to the voice on the other end of her Pokégear. At this point, the pink-haired girl had lost all track of time in regards to how long her phone conversation had been going on. In a sense, it was baffling. Her parents seemed to have had no qualms about the girl heading down to the city to pick up a Pokémon and a Pokédex from Professor Cypress. However now that she was suddenly about to embark on a grand journey across the Hoenn region, Zoey's mother was suddenly beside herself with dread and worry.

"Dear, don't you think you're being a tad unreasonable?" the voice on the other end of the Pokégear questioned. Zoey rolled her eyes. This had to have been at least the third time that her mother, Willow Winters, had asked this exact question. "Being a Pokémon trainer is no easy task. You never know what sorts you'll meet out there or where you might end up sleeping! Plus, it's all so... dirty out there. You've got your Pokémon now, right? Why don't you just come home now and we'll go on a huge shopping spree!"

"Mother, for the last time you're making a huge deal over nothing!" Zoey exclaimed, the frustration growing evident in her voice as she protested her mother's wishes. "I'm tired of just doing the same old thing, day in and day out. I want to experience something new and exciting! I've read all sorts of stories and journals about the life of a Pokémon trainer, and I think it's just something I'd love to give a try! Exciting battles... magical encounters... it's just all so enticing!"

There was a small pause on the other end of the phone. Had Zoey not heard the rather slow breathing on the other end of the line, she would have sworn that her mother finally gave up and hung up. After a few moments, the girl's parent finally began to speak once more.

"Zoey... You do know that... It's not that..." her mother tried to reason.

"Enough. Mother, I've made up my mind and you're not going to change it for me. This is something I'm going to see through. Who knows! By the next time we meet, I could even be the new league champion!" Zoey exclaimed, her eyes shining with excitement all the while. A satisfied smile stretched across her lips as she closed her eyes for a moment, picturing herself defeating the champion with a massive audience all cheering her name. Just the very thought of it all gave the pink-haired teenager goosebumps. "Look, I'll talk to you soon mother. I need to get this journey started, okay? Tell daddy I love him for me!"

Without waiting for the woman to respond, Zoey quickly ended the call and placed her Pokégear back into a pocket on her bag. In a sense, she understood her mother's concern. Even Zoey herself had to admit that she had perhaps been a tad too impulsive when she made this decision out of the blue. However, it was a choice that she made and Zoey just knew for a fact that her mother was being melodramatic with her fears. Besides that, Zoey was almost 18 years old. The pink-haired girl was more than capable of making her own decisions at this point. And it was not as if she was going to be alone on her journey for that matter.

Glancing down to her side, the young woman eyed the Poké Ball which now rested on her belt. Inside the ball-like capsule was a Pokémon... her Pokémon. The Pokémon had been a gift from Professor Cypress in exchange for agreeing to help out with her research in regards to something called Aura. Zoe really wasn't too sure what all of it was about, but at the same time she really didn't care. It was an easy choice to make in exchange for the chance to receive her first Pokémon. Deciding that she had kept the little creature inside of her ball for far too long, Zoey took the ball off of her belt and tossed it into the allowing the little creature to come bounding out in a flash of light.

The Pokémon eagerly shook and stretched, taking a look around the bright and cheery city before coming to rest her eyes upon the pink-haired girl standing before her. Zoey had been given several choices when it came to picking which Pokémon she wanted to begin her journey with, but there was only one clear option for her. That choice just happened to be a Vulpix. That said however, an average Vulpix was just not what she had her eyes upon. Rather, Zoey happened to pick a Vulpix who just happened to be white and blue as opposed to red and brown. Cypress had said something about this Vulpix being a regional variant, one that was typically only seen within the Alola region. Zoey didn't really care much about the schematics of it all, though. All she knew was that she had chosen a truly unique Pokémon, something that was sure to make her the envy of all those other trainers in the region.

"Well... Time to get this started properly then," Zoey mused aloud. The girl glanced down at the Alolan Vulpix, giving her a bright smile before she knelt down to the Pokémon's level. "Hey there, my name's Zoey. Starting today, you and I are going to be partners on a journey across Hoenn! Doesn't that sound absolutely exciting?"

The Alolan Vulpix tilted her head, giving Zoey a curious look as if she was taking in everything that the girl said and processing it carefully before making any sudden reaction.

Zoey continued onwards with her little speech. "We'll face many challenges... and probably battle many foes, both trainer and wild Pokémon alike. But, I can tell just from looking at you that you're quite the strong and formidable Pokémon. Are you ready to prove yourself as the very best?!"

The Alolan Vulpix let out an eager howl. Without a moment's delay, she quickly hopped into Zoey's arms. Zoey's excitement seemed to only grow larger. Her Vulpix seemed to be just as eager to begin their adventure as she was. Yes, Zoey could tell already that this was going to be a most exciting journey!