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Storming the Front Lines

There was still a lot to do before they could set off on their adventure: The Professor gave Akiru a Pokemon and a Pokedex, but if he wanted to get more than twenty feet from a Pokemon Center without worrying for Fenris' safety, he needed to stock up on Potions, and if he wanted to add to his team...Pokeballs were a necessity. Didn't this town also have a Gym? There's no way either of them are prepared enough to challenge it, though it wouldn't hurt to take a look, he had never seen a Pokemon Gym before, well, a picture of one, sure, not a great picture...the point was he wanted to see one.

The morning was spent navigating through the city, finally locating the Pokemart and purchasing a few Pokeballs and Potions, then stopping by a small cafe to grab some breakfast (which he could have grabbed at the hotel before leaving, if the need to set out and explore once more was not so strong in both Akiru and Fenris). Next stop is...

Akiru had just left the cafe when the sound of an eruption burst through the city, followed by a slight rumble that quaked through the entire city. As the ringing from the explossion began to ease, it was replaced with screams of terror and cries from small, confused children.


'Up there!'

'What is that?!'

Passerbys called out in shock, all looking up towards the south part of town. Smoke was bellowing into the sky at an alarming rate, then came a flash of light, more screams...

"What's going on...?" Akiru's thoughts were accompanied by a low growl, Fenris, still perched on his shoulder, was snarling at the smoke, his fur standing on end. The screams intinsified, a flury of people began rushing away from the smoke, and towards it. Seemed those were the only two options...

Akiru balled his hand into a tight fist. Whatever was going on, it was clearly bigger than him, and it was clear he couldn't handle it alone...but this city was full of people, some of them had to be caught in that explosion...they needed help. If he could just help one person away from the wreckage, that would be...worth it.

"Let's go." He speaks to his partner Pokemon, before running towards the billowing smoke.

Turning the corner, their forward assault was cut short `by a group of charging Aron, rampaging too fast and too close for Akiru to turn back around. With little time to think, Akiru throws himself into the closest alley, colliding with several hefty trash bags, which halted his collision with cold pavement.

Fenris, still on Akirus shoulder, tumbles off. As he gets to his feet and watches the herd of Aron charge by, he lets out the most intimidating growl a fuzzball can muster. His fur stands on end as he makes a lunge forward-- or at least attempts to.

No! Akiru shouts as he grabs the tiny wolf by the fluff of his neck, letting out a pained, surprised shout as the sudden movement causes a sharp sting in his shoulder. It seems theres broken glass shards in the bag that broke his fall

The anger in the little pups eyes is quickly replaced with concern as he turns to face his trainer, his head tilting in question.

Im fine, just...dont tell anyone about this. Explaining that he dove into garbage was going to be far more hurtful to his pride...although he was definitely getting a tetanus shot when this is over...if the explosion didnt destroy the hospital. Hoisting himself back to his feet, Akiru tugs Fenris into his arms, keeping a tight hold of him.

You cant go up against that many Pokemon...even if they arent Steel. If only one of them knows a steel type move, it could crush right through his rock type partner.

Another explosion silenced whatever retort the young Pokemon could have barked out, this one significantly closer, the reverberation powerful enough to make the ground below them quake, quickly followed by a voice--

Someone is dangerously close by.

Akiru darts out of the alley, his blood running cold as he takes in the giant, towering creature engulfing the street

And the woman right under him.

HEY! BACK OFF! What was he doing? What was he saying? He didnt know, suddenly his mouth and his legs had a mind of their own, everything became suddenly blurry-- everything except the girl so bravely shouting at the towering monster. As Akiru makes a step towards the trainer, Fenris leaps from his arms, darting towards the fox Pokemon that stood loyally by his trainer.

By the time Akiru was aware of what he was doing, he was beside the young woman, arm stretched out towards her.