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Cogin Pomen
Cogin and his two companions kept themselves busy with keeping the Pokémon calm, until they noticed the numbers had dropped considerably. Looking around, Cogin noticed that the giant Registeel had disappeared, and where it had once stood was a young man that seemed rather important, he appeared so at least due to the formal attire. But he left before Cogin could figure out what happened, other than the fact that Registeel was captured…


Captured? How‽

Cogin was at a loss, the ancient Registeel, captured? Unfortunately, he couldn’t ask any questions as everyone began to disperse and help around the city. Cogin took a deep breath and looked to his Pokémon, they were obviously tired, so he called them back to their Pokeballs.

“Why don’t you two take a rest, I imagine that was exhausting.”

Both creatures returned to their little homes to enjoy some rest, and Cogin took the time to look around the nearby park he had stopped by earlier in the day. The area was clear, but the number of holes from explosions and collisions was obvious. He noticed a couple of people filling the holes back up and fixing any fallen fences or damaged property. Wanting to help, he found a nearby hole and started to help fill it back in with dirt. He noticed a number of other people working the same one he was in as this hole was one of the largest ones in the area. As he got to work doing some manual labor, his thoughts started to drift to earlier events. Receiving his first Pokémon, looking around town, reading, then whatever happened here.

I don’t even know what I can think of this… Actually, didn’t Registeel appear around here? Where did it come from anyways? I doubt it would just pop out of the ground for no reason… if it came out of the ground that is...

I’m certain the Pokémon Center will be busy for a while, so I’m going to have to wait for Poochyena and Aron to get a check-up. I wonder how late it is at this point though, traveling may have to wait until tomorrow if it’s getting too dark.

As Cogin’s thoughts started to finish up, the large hole finally filled back up with all of the dirt. Unfortunately, the grass will have to grow with time, but otherwise, it’s well. As Cogin looked around to see what other areas may need some simple help, he took a drink of water. Seeing that the park was generally well, he let out relieved sigh. Sure the rest of the southern area was in shambles, but with time and energy, the area will be much better off.

But for now, Cogin will look around the city for a library. Maybe he could find some books on aura and Hoenn’s legends.
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