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Originally Posted by SSJboku View Post
Then you could help me....i'm stuck after the third badge in lauren, don't know where to go.....there are 3 paths and they're all blocked with: 1. huge rocks, 2. stomps, and that hill thingy that you can jump over when you are at the right side. Please help :D :D
You must continue to the south to reach Flamerny City ;)

Originally Posted by Mario Famous View Post
I have no Idea where the power plant is
Ouch... sorry, my mistake. I mistook 6th leader for the 7th one.
7th one is the Snowice, right?
After you finish Mt. Icestorm's events, you need to go back to the first floor and find her left from the entrance.
Then you must go to the third floor and talk with her again ;) (She will be close to the end)

Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Uh...wait a second. Is there a repercussion to taking the Elekid above the laboratory?

Yes, you will have it easier to beat the first trainer.
And by the way, no one blocks you from using Bulbasaur to have immunity against Poison Point. ;)
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