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    Originally Posted by EkshtrimSama View Post
    how can I find Crystal's Pokemon offsets? such as 0427A7 for Bulbasaur etc
    0429B3 starts Bulbasaur’s evolution data. After that is Bulbasaur’s learned move data, then Ivysaur’s evolution data, then Ivysaur’s moves, and so on.

    If you already know how a Pokémon evolves, you could search for the bytes to find it rather than go sequentially through each monster before it. For instance, Seadra evolves by trading with the Dragon Scale into Kingdra, so to find the offset of Seadra’s evolution data you could simply search for 03 97 E6 00.
    Originally Posted by EkshtrimSama View Post
    And about evolving via level up,how is the level determined? Ive seen 10=16 and 20=32
    The numbers are in hexadecimal. The Windows calculator (Start → Programs → Accessories → Calculator) can convert between hexadecimal and decimal when in scientific mode.
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