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Astral Academy
school of prana practices•

Astral Academy is a phenomenal school for those wishing to study their astrology charts as well as magical practices. The school has resided on an underground awareness as to keep it's knowledge and teachings secretive to the general public. With this said, acceptance into the school's halls is quite difficult. Background checks as well as personal meetings are almost always required before a student is accepted into this school. It is, as you can see, very high profile. Though, the school itself is anything but hidden. It sits atop a large hill to the North East outskirts of a city known as Lumenvita. The school itself blends in with the many large buildings, skyscrapers, and trees, appearing as perhaps the overgrown home of a millionaire leading to a large forested area at it's back. The reasoning behind the school being so close to the city was so corporation owners who sent their children would be able to easily keep in touch (and also suck out secret information they would learn, using it to better their sales whatever way they could). The city area is actually quite advanced, incorporating nature into most of it's appearance. The city gives off the idea that nature and technology are working in harmony, though most of the plants are merely genetically altered and modified to grow a particular way.

Astral Academy's dorm rooms are situated in a circular fashion, encompassing the school in accordance with the astrological clock with students placed in particular areas based on their sun signs and are then categorized by houses. This is done to achieve a balance of cosmic energy. All the student houses however are at the final floor of the school- the fourth, and as well, there are male and female areas within each house as to assure proper behavior. At the third floor, there are classes dealing with astrology, dream interpretations and mechanics, and the zodiac signs. The second floor deals with practicing magic and mastering the elements. In a way it's like the science floor, through classes usually group up and head outside to the track or field area to actually practice. Finally, the first floor is all about relaxing, dining, and interaction. On the first floor you will find a game room with technology and a small gym area to work out, a large dining hall with elegant tablecloths and mathematical artwork along the walls, and there is also the library on this floor where students can come to either read an interesting book or even relax in the comfortable couches and chairs situated to anyone's preference.

Behind the school is a large forest full of questionable mysteries. There are field trips into the forest, but unless accompanied by a faculty member, it is highly forbidden to enter the forest beyond a marker placed along the pathway in. It is known to many that students have been murdered or ended up mentally psychotic after entering the forest on their own. Many believe mythical creatures exist inside, haunting those they deem unworthy of being within the forest, but none of the faculty admits to any such creatures even existing to begin with. Though they will admit to the forest being enchanted. The forest is most dangerous at night and therefor it is against the rules for students to be outside of their rooms past eleven pm. It is also against school rules to use magic during class unless authorized to do so and you may not use magic in the halls. Students must abide by a simple dress code; they may wear whatever they wish, as long as they are the proper color of the day. The headmaster believes in balancing chakra energies and so students must incorporate red on Mondays, orange on Tuesdays, yellow on Wednesday, green for Thursday, blue for Friday, indigo (or purple) on Saturdays, and finally violets or pinks (due to much controversy with the male students) on Sunday. As long as a student wears even a mere trinket or piece of jewelry with the proper color, they will not be out of dress code. If one is out of dress code, they will be sent to their room or to the headmaster's office and be dealt with personally. Students are allowed to venture out into the city but must sign themselves in as 'in the city' on a digital database stationed at the gate leaving the academy. All you must do is place your hand on the screen and you will be signed off, but you must return before ten pm or else you will be retrieved by a faculty member who I assure you won't be pleased to come pick up a student.

[ Magic ]

To perform magic, you must utilize your Prana energy, a life force within all living beings. To use Prana properly you must have a clear and centered mind, a strong will, or you may also use symbols to physically balance your connection with your Prana. Certain symbols are quick to draw while others may take more than a simple swipe. Though, with practice you can even master the ability to draw the symbols with your mind and make the process go by much faster. Most students get used to using the symbols rather than mastering their mind. There is no right or wrong way, only the one in which you choose. Prana is the energy you must first master before being able to perform magical workings such as time alteration, manifestations, teleportation, telekinesis, and so on. Prana is also a driving force in utilizing your zodiac elements. Based on your zodiac chart, your Prana will 'click' with certain elements better than others. One born with their sun sign in Aries for example will have an easier time with fire as opposed to someone born in Cancer, though there are other elements one can be born into, but that will be explained later. Prana cannot be overused, it is an infinite energy source, but as humans you will disconnect from the source of Prana, mainly when you become tired or lose focus. This is why it is important to have a leveled mind or know how to properly use symbols. Elements however are the easiest form of magic to produce since we are born connected with them. Though, based upon which sign the moon is in, the element connected will be much stronger, and much easier to create for those with that sign. I will let you know what sign the moon is in whether it be through this main post, or through an updated post. It will be moving with the current moon, not a made up time. So in this moment now, the moon is in Capricorn. So Capricorns are (most lethal) more naturally balanced and capable of utilizing their elemental magic, and those using the element of Earth will have a stronger attack/defense.

[ The Academy ]

The school is made of granite, giving it a rugged texture, as well as a mountainous aspect to it, and all the windows are made of stain glass with gorgeous images of geometry. The school is actually circular at the upper area where the student houses are, appearing as a sort of 'halo' atop the more rectangular school below. There are four pyramids around the school's edges made of quartz crystals in order to create a high energy leveled area. Once you get past the gates, you are lead down a fairly long tread up a pathway to the school. Walking up the hill you will see a beautiful field of grass, bushes, flowers, and water fountains. The front area of the academy is usually full of students walking about and socializing with one another. The school also has a swimming pool to the far left and a track/football field to the right.

From an aerial view, this is how the dorm rooms (Houses) are situated. To get downstairs, imagine the brackets towards the center as stairs and there you have it. It's like a funnel in a way.

[ Symbols ]

The symbols we'll be using for magic will be coming from Sacred Geometry and Alchemy. Your character will not need to use symbols too much, but the concept is that when you are too tired, or if you've lost your focus, these symbols will be able to get your character through something.

Symbols for the basic four elements. Used mainly by those born without a particular elemental sign.

One of the more powerful symbols taught. This symbol attracts Prana directly to you and will keep you focused for a full day.

The most well known and most used symbol. This is usually made before any magical attempt to draw enough energy for what the user wishes to achieve.

- P l o t -

The school has been receiving threats from an unknown entity. The individual has warned the headmaster that they are preparing to turn the entire school to rubble. When these threats began they were merely warnings to close the school down, but now it's become dangerous. The entity has already stated they plan on making an appearance quite soon to show the entire school a preview of their future. Much precaution has been taken place and the whole faculty is warned to keep an eye out for anything out of place. The students have started mild rumors of why their teachers are all stiff lately, but the threat has been kept from them to ensure chaos doesn't rear it's head and cause more trouble. A few teachers are now placed on guard duty at night to keep an eye on the school. The headmaster believes it to be a former studen who was expelled two years ago. This student was born on a leap year. When someone is born on a leap year, they aren't connected to the four elements the way most are, their birth element is Spirit. Spirit can do far more than just controlling fire, earth, wind, or water. This student became a trouble maker with his abilities and would disrupt classes time and time again. He feels we were fearful of his power and didn't want to help him grow stronger. This is partly true as without a level head such power is just danger for everyone. He was furious about his expulsion. This kind of response makes sense from someone of his character. You are a student in this academy and you're starting to notice a few odd things going on. Some students are acting differently, the air seems more dense, something is coming and you know it, though you are unsure of what it is exactly. You're also preparing for a special field day the academy does every few months. It's a day where everyone goes out to the open field and plays together. There's also an event where students team up with teachers and have competitive battles to see who's really advanced the most in the past months. Nothing overly competitive but it's a little something for everyone. You are now waking up to what you believe to be another normal day.

[ NPC List ]

Headmaster Drovenov: More of the secretive type, but gets along with his students and works to make sure they are enjoying their learning environment.
Professor Lumos: He has a more stern personality, not very liked by students and teaches Magic O&D (offence and defense).
Professor Siel: A very nutty man adored by students for his quirky attitude. He teaches Astrology and Signs.
Professor Luna Hemsworth: Allows her students to call her by her first name and is very much respected around the school. She teaches Elements and Nature. Also the assistant headmistress.

[ Zodiac ]
- Aries (3/21 - 4/19) - Taurus (4/20 - 5/20) - Gemini (5/21 - 6/20) -
- Cancer (6/21 - 7/22) - Leo (7/23 - 8/22) - Virgo (8/23 - 9/22) -
- Libra (9/23 - 10/22) - Scorpio (10/23 - 11/21) - Saggitarious (11/22 - 12/21) -
- Capricorn (12/22 - 1/19) - Aquarius (1/20 - 2/18) - Pisces (2/19 - 3/20) -

Fire: Aries, Leo, Saggitarious
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Wind: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

To explain your 'chart'; based on your birth there are planets which are in alignment with one of the signs just as the sun (sun sign) was in your birth sign. You have a moon sign and quite a few others that can actually explain certain aspects of your personality. Now I won't be going so far as to ask that everyone 'stay true' to their character's zodiac charts (mainly because that takes quite a bit of work, also considering simplicity and creativity would be murdered) so it's only to uncover your character's inclination of the elements. Here's an example to help: There will be three basic signs (Rising Sign, Sun Sign, Moon Sign) and if you (for example) have Rising sign in Aries, Sun sign in Saggitarious, and Moon sign in Cancer, then your character's inclination would be towards Fire (x2) and Water (1). So while using magic this character would be able to use Fire attacks more easily (and they would be stronger) while water would also come more naturally. Elements like Wind and Earth would take more effort or even the use of a symbol.

[ Sign Up ]

Name: First - Last
Age: 13 - 18
Gender: M - F
Sun Sign: (This will also be your Dorm House)
Rising Sign:
Moon Sign:
Personality: 2/more paragraphs
History - Strengths - Weaknesses - Faults
(Work towards an equilibrium of quality and quantity)
Description: 2/more paragraphs
(Work towards an equilibrium of quality and quantity)


1. All PC rules must be followed (Do I even have to say that one?)
2. Keep fowl language to a minimum.
3. Please do your best with being literate and work on maintaining nice grammar.
I personally have to nudge myself to reread my own work but it's worth it in the end, trust me.
4. No godmodding or bunnying (without consent).
With great powers come great responsibility.
It won't hurt to limit your characters a bit and give them a reason to live.
5. Feel free to explore around the city/school and create your own...miniplot(?)
but I won't allow anything that gets in the way of the big picture so try to explore within reason.
6. There won't be killings, merely (fainting lol) knock outs.
7. I am only accepting up to five sign-ups.

[ My Character ]

Name: Elena Lux

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sun Sign: Gemini

Moon Sign: Leo

Rising Sign: Taurus

Personality: Elena speaks her mind, though it changes sides quite often. One moment she will tell you she won't be doing something, the next moment, she will be doing it with a smile on her face. She is fearless with telling others what is on her mind and that tends to push people away, bringing few friends. At times she likes it that way but at others, she really wishes people would like her more. She's always on the move being active and doing something. Elena is quite restless and focuses more on the physical aspects rather than the spiritual or mental. However, she has almost a lust for knowledge. Loving to learn something new everyday keeps her as a very intelligent individual. This also tends to push others away because they see how smart she is and how strong willed. Elena meets the point between mental strength and physical strength. She will really try hard at times to get others to like her, so she may tend to say exactly what people want to hear to get on their good side. This has lead her into troubles and being called fake.

Growing up, her father would always be out working and she'd usually have to find ways to keep herself busy since her mom died while she was younger. This has taken quite a toll on Elena because though she won't admit it, she really enjoys being around others more than staying too long in solitude. She eventually would create imagined friends which would soon help develop her magic abilities. Once this became apparent, her father quickly asked around for help figuring out what to do. He discovered the Astral Academy and was highly intrigued, sending her off as soon as possible. Too soon in her opinion. She believes her father really didn't want a child to begin with and that she was merely a burden on him since her mother died.

Description: Elena's hair always grabs attention. It is gradient from a dark cobalt blue into a bright electric blue towards the ends. Her hair reaches down to her shoulder blades, though she usually puts it up into a pony tail and lets her bangs swing to the left of her face, showing her green eyes and long lashes. Elena has a naturally tanned skin tone that many envy her for. She is also quite lean but only because she is so fit. Her nails are short and painted green with black dots positioned in triangle formations. To cover her skin, she wears a low cut, short sleeved black jacket with a small light blue tank top underneath. She also wears black shorts and a pair of knee high boots with about two inch heels to them.

Through the belt hoops of her shorts there is a diamond studded belt with a crescent moon belt buckle. She also ties a small brown dream catcher around her right belt hoop for good luck and protection. She wears a necklace with a black star as the pendant, another with a white heart, and a third necklace with a flower. Along her left wrist she wears beaded bracelets she received from friends she once knew; one is all rainbow, the second is baby blue, the third is green, and the fourth bracelet is purple. These rarely come off.
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