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Name: Chelsea

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Chelsea has long brown hair that is often tied in circular braids that hang above her ears. Her hair is tied back across her head into each braid, leaving a loose fringe over her forehead. Each braid is tied by small cylindrical clips which hold the braids in place across the sides of her head.
Chelsea wears an open short-sleeve red jacket that reaches just above her naval. It is embroiled with a golden trimming that lines the borders of the jacket’s body, sleeves and collar. Underneath the jacket, she wears a tight black top that also cuts across her abdomen, exposing her stomach. A paw print logo is also printed across the front of the top in a bright red scheme.
Chelsea also sports a ceremonial red cummerbund that she ties around her waist, covering the top of her pants. Her pants are a matching black to her top and end right above her shins. Two red bands line the side of each leg and tie to the ends of her trousers’ hemline. The hemline of each trouser leg is also tied across each calf.
Chelsea also adorns a pair of traditional Chinese martial art slip-on shoes. The shoes are black in colour, matching her top and pants, but are lined around the base above the sole, in a red and gold trimming. The height of the foot-hole reaches just below the ankle bone.
Chelsea’s favourite accessories are her golden bangles. She wears two bangles on each arm and has never removed them.

Personality: Chelsea is a very open person who will speak her mind regardless of the situation. Because of this, she often gets into arguments and can become very stubborn if opposed. She will fight for what she truly believes in and will not concede defeat on any level until she has been proven wrong.
Despite her upfront and brash nature at first, Chelsea is a very kind and fun-loving person, underneath all the fluff. She enjoys being with her friends and family and supports them whenever necessary, as they do for her. However, partly due to her comfortable upbringing and lifestyle, Chelsea has become slightly spoiled and unnecessarily sarcastic. This tends to annoy those associated with her, as it tends to provoke her initial stubborn attitude.

History: Chelsea had grown up in a very comfortable and privileged household where many of her needs were met by her parents. Her father was a scientist who worked for a pharmaceutical company in their town. Her mother on the other hand, did not work. She did however have a very keen interest in real estate, and spent the majority of her time researching and investing in houses and other buildings. Chelsea was the only child of the family, but rarely grew lonely as she spent the majority of her time out of school with her mother, at home, at the shops or going house hunting. On the rare occasions when her father would return home from work early, she would spend her time showing him what she had learnt in school and about one of her many interests and passions, Pokemon. Despite her family’s commitments and slight complications in spending time with one another, Chelsea deeply cared for her parents and spent as much time as she could with them.

Being well off, Chelsea could afford many luxuries during her childhood, but like many children her age, her main and only interest was in Pokemon. She had been attending at an academy in her town, dedicated to the learning and teaching of Pokemon, for over just five years. She would attend the academy during weekends and holidays, where her commitments to school were lessened or non-existent. There she learnt about the many different types, characteristics, and histories of Pokemon and her passion for becoming a Pokemon Trainer continued to grow. After turning twelve, two years late of her initial graduation from the academy, Chelsea finally received her graduating certificate and her first official trainer identification card. She had been delayed after failing a number of her classes and was rescheduled to complete the course in the following two years. However, after finally graduating, she was now a fully fledged and verified Pokemon Trainer and was all but ready to set out on her journey.

Before her rescheduled graduation from the academy, Chelsea had joined an online community forum known as ‘Pokemon Virtual’. There she met and interacted with all kinds of Pokemon Trainers and enthusiasts about the expanding and intricate world of Pokemon. During her time online, she also discovered the identity of one member and became very interested in her involvement with Pokemon. She was known as Professor Willow and had an extensive record and history of an accomplished Pokemon Professor. An offer involving the recruitment of five Pokemon Trainers to arrive in Kanto for the Indigo Plateau tournament was what had directed Chelsea’s attention to the professor’s profile. After explaining the offer to her parents and receiving their blessings, Chelsea prepared to set off on her first official journey to Kanto as a Pokemon Trainer.

Starter: Dratini

Other: None

RPG Sample: The cool sea breeze washed over his face as he sat behind the captain of a small motorboat. He could see they were approaching their destination rather quickly and decided to strike up a conversation in order to fill the awkward silence between them. ‘So…’ Miles began uncomfortably, attempting to sound casual, ‘have you sailed across this part of Hoenn before?’
The captain was slightly taken aback by the sudden question but smiled as he processed his answer. ‘I’ve made a few stops at Lilycove before, for business and what not, nothing really important.’ He smiled but did not look at his passenger. ‘We’ll be there in a few minutes now.’
Miles nodded but remained silent as they entered the city’s harbour. The sea air was surprisingly stronger across the harbour then it was when travelling across the ocean. Miles could feel his heart beating a little faster as they docked beside several small dinghies in the water. He was finally here; the place where he would find and eventually reunite with his parents.
Miles bid farewell to the sea captain and headed into town.

Large clusters of people were scattered all throughout the city, obviously taking part in some sort of celebration or event. Following the information on the papers he had found in his parents’ room, Miles recognised the attraction and soon arrived at the entrance to the infamous Lilycove Safari Zone.
There were a number of guards at the entrance blocking the pathway inside. Groups of people and Pokémon were also gathered around the entrance, most probably waiting for their turn at the event. Miles paced across the square in front of the zone, taking care not to bump into anyone as he begun contemplating about how he and his family were connected to this event and their relationship with Team Rocket.

Large monitors were flickering above the zone’s entrance, displaying the areas and people inside who were taking a part in the event.
‘Hmm, looks like the event’s already started…’ Miles mumbled, as he leant against the guard rail surrounding the square.
Watching the monitors with mild interest, Miles suddenly spotted something strange happening within one of the screens. He stood up straight and decided to approach the entrance a little closer. However, before he could attempt a second glance, the screen had already changed displaying another area within the zone. ‘What was that?’ Miles began, scanning the monitors in hope of seeing the image again. He stood unmoved outside the zone, the image he had seen still burned in his mind. ‘It couldn’t be…’
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