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    OOC: Eek, of course. I'm an idiot. xD I apologize for that, I suppose I just assumed, since that's the way it goes in the game. Oops. I'll be more careful from now on.
    "All right, next we have another individual that was so eager as to threaten to break down the door of this building. Which I don't mind by the way, hehheh. Introducing Kat Tachikawa, the lovely Goldenrod City girl. Speaking of which, Kat, I think you'll find your first Pokemon interesting..."

    At this, the blonde was handed a Pokeball containing a mystery Pokemon, along with two empties. Her eyes fixated on the button, front and center on the red and white container. Her thumb lingered over it for a second, then she withdrew, tucking the Pokeball into the bag slung low over her hips. Now was not the time. The last item presented to her was a Pokevice. A pink one at that. She ran her fingers along the smooth, glossy surface. She knew how a Pokedex worked, but this...this was so much more than a simple Pokedex. Her mind wandered back to the Pokeball she was given, and, eager to know its contents, she lightly touched it.

    Unable to contain her excitement, she took it out and pressed the button in the center of the ball. A red light shot out, taking the shape of whichever Pokemon happened to be inside the ball. The light dispersed, and in its place, sat a small, white feline. Its black ears twitched, and it approached Kat slowly, sniffing her sock.

    Kat crouched and lightly scratched behind the Pokemon's ear. She knew it was a Meowth, and, seeing as it was a bit larger and stockier, she could tell it was also a male. The Meowth rubbed against her leg with glee, letting out a small mewl.

    "Me-owth!" the Meowth cried before bounding up Kat's slender form and coming to rest on her bony shoulder, his claws lightly digging into her for support. Traces of downy white hair could be seen on her black shorts where he had climbed up. Smiling, Kat rubbed his chin with her index finger before turning back to Professor Willow.

    "Well," Professor Willow concluded, "I don't want to drone on and on here. If you have questions at all about your Pokemon, the Pokevices, or the Indigo League, you all have me registered in the phone feature of your Pokevices. Or, you may ask me now. But one last thing: a hint. There is a Pokemon gym in Pewter City, which uses Rock and Water-type Pokemon."

    Kat's eyes scanned the other trainers' faces. Two males, and two females, not including herself. She chewed her bottom lip absentmindedly, shifting her weight from her left leg to her right leg, her slender arms crossed.

    "Professor Willow..." The slim girl bit down on her lip once more. "Do I...have to travel with them?" She glanced at one of the boys out of the corner of her eye. He was the one introduced first, the one holding the Pineco. Her eyes shot back to the Professor, awaiting an answer. She crossed her arms, Meowth still perched on her shoulder. "I mean...someone like me..?"

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