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    OOC: I forgot to check this thing


    "Okay. I feel that staying in a group is the best thing we can do. Come on lets go to Pewter already. Im starting to grow restless"

    Route 2

    The party transversed through route two. The path here went through a few corners and ends but it was still remotely strait. Cain let out Totodile a few steps back thinking it was to nice a day to let him stay cooped up inside his ball.

    All of the sudden the bushed to the left of them moved. Cain waited for the others to move up the path a little before asking Totodile

    "You ready for battle?"

    The blue crocodile nodded. Then all of the sudden a brown bird pokemon flew out of the bushes. Cain already knew what it was. A pidgey, one of his favorite rookie pokemon.

    Cain knowing what it was already swept for his pokevice. He opened it and pointed it toward the bird pokemon. Who was bearing at him like it was going to bite his head off.

    "Pidgey, the bird pokemon. A very nice addition to new trainers. A common sight in forests and woods. It flaps its wings at ground level to kick up blinding sand."

    "A Pidgey. Well this will be easy. TOTODILE try a scratch attack"

    Totodile went up and scratched the bird pokemon. All of the sudden it flew up into the air and started drawing high winds.

    A gust attack oh no

    The gust knocked down Totodile. But he was smarter then that. The bird pokemon eventualy landed out of exhaustion. Totodile scratched the bird pokemon again. This made the brown bird perfect for catching.

    "Okay. Now time for the pokeball."

    Cain took one of the 2 pokeballs he was given. He threw it at the Pidgey. After a few wobbles the ball stopped. He had caught the bird pokemon

    "YES. I caught my first pokemon."

    Totodile looked happy as always. He started jumping up into the air.

    "Come on Totodile. Lets catch up with everyone."

    Cain ran back with Totodile back where the others where. At the marsh lands.

    Cain caught a Pidgey