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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Freaky, as much as I have a lot of differences with you I'm really grateful for the things you do. Especially things like this. It made me smile.

But it also reminds me how lucky I was that my college was so open about a lot of things. It had a GLTBQetc. center and everything. Sometimes it doesn't really hit home how even after high school there are a lot of problems even where people ought to feel accepted like in school.
We'd surely differ on our opinions on the gun bill that's being considered. My school is in a rural California county. Being in a rural area that has always gone for Republicans in every recent national and statewide election (and also overwhelmingly supported Proposition 8), getting these things done is harder. Most students don't harass or attack LGBT people, but they do have more traditional beliefs on marriage. Also, trans people are accepted less than homosexuals and bisexuals. There was an bashing attack this school year, though.

We have a Log Cabin Republicans chapter that tries to knock out incumbent GOP members in the primaries. I'm the GSA Senator, so I also chair the AS LGBT Committee, and the Log Cabin Republicans wing of the AS GOP.