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    During the event I hatched about 27 eggs, including 1 5km and 1 10km I had from before the event started.

    I was getting a new egg every Pokestop as long as I had an open space, and every egg I got was a 2km, for me 5km and 10km eggs were removed from Pokestops during the event. I heard people were hatching Chansey and Porygon from 10km eggs, not sure how they got them during the event.

    The best hatches were an Aerodactyl, which was awesome, and 2 Togepi.
    I also hatched a Lapras during the event, but didn't really need it. The 10km egg I hatched during the event was Dratini which did help me get closer to Dragonite.

    Other egg hatches were Nidoran M, Rhyhorn, Doduo, Pichu, Psyduck, Grimer, Togepi,, Igglybuff, Scyther, Abra, Togepi, Smoochum,Wooper, Charmander, Gastly, Grimer, Cleffa, Scyther, Shellder, Igglybuff, Sneasel, Abra, Koffing.

    I have 7 more 2km eggs I need to hatch from the event but I'm not buying anymore incubators, so I have to wait until my endless use one is free. Hopefully will get another Togepi or Miltank.
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