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I arrived in Castelia City to find that my map was infact wrong, I had to head north then east to the Abundant Shrine. I realized how far of a distance this was and tried to find another way. The large city was disorienting, I could barely make heads nor tails of where I was going.

Eventually though I managed to board a bus heading toward Undella Town, looking at my map I could see that this was the right way. I sat next to a man wearing a hood, looking down, he had stubby facial hair and seemed about my age. The bus was pretty full so he didn't protest to me sitting next to him, but he didn't say anything to me, so I tried to start the conversation, "Hey, I'm Erin" I reached out to shake my hand.

The man just gruffed, "Hello." He wasn't hostile about it but clearly didn't want to talk. I sighed and left him alone.

An hour passed and I was bored out of my mind, I decided to try talking to him again, seeing as he still ahdnt gotten off either. "I'm heading to Undella town, where are you heading?"

The man grumbled, "Undella town" again only annoyed by the question, this time I would carry the conversation.

"That is so awesome, I'm going there to visit some family."

The man sighed, "If your going to lie to me, at least let me start the conversation." I was appalled by his comment, what had made him I had lied then, but he told me, "There's not a holiday around this time that lets college students out, and you clearly can't be much older than a student."

"But sir, I have graduated from college!" I had hoped to try and keep my façade up, "I merely wish to visit my dear mother!"

"Tell me," He looked at me, I could see he was around 30 or 40, "Why had you said family earlier, and then specified only to say mother?"

"I accidentally slipped?" I was nervous, what if he knew and was a Plasma member.

"Now I find it odd that you are heading to Undella town, which is rumored to be near the HQ of those rebels." Than man looked me in the eye and I felt intimidated. "So who are you visiting in Undella? I was born and raised there, I'm sure I know who you are related to."

"My mom uh- Carol" I just thought of a name, I didn't think he knew everyone

"Oh Carol! She was an old friend of mine, quiet a kind woman, though I don't remember her having any children." He became less intense and more jolly.

"I'm adopted..." He pat my back cheerily.

"Well allow me to accompany you lad! I'm sure Carol would be glad to see an old friend escorting her own adopted child!" He laughed, "I knew Carol was always an innocent one, but adoption!"

I had gotten myself tangled up, if he knew a Carol and I went with him, he might have reported me to the authorities. Not only that but I gave him my real name, I had no choice but to go with him. The whole ride was hell for me, I was nervous coming up with escape plans, I had once even thought of jumping out a window, but we arrived in the town and both of us got off.

"Uh sir I didn't catch your name." Maybe if I could convince him to leave I would have been home free.

"My name son? Well my name changes by season, but many just call me Sir. I assume you don't have any qualms about that?"

"Uh no sir."

"No sir Sir, it is my name after all and you applying a title doesn't change it."

"Uh yeah, well I'm not expected for another hour, so I'm going to go on a walk south." He raised an eyebrow.

"Well isn't that odd, I think I shall head with you, wouldn't want you getting hurt before you meet your mother." Again I was trapped and had to comply. "I'll lead the way, I know some great sight seeing areas, but first why don't you take a drink, you have not had anything to drink since the city!" I decided that I would be fine and took a sip of the unopenned water bottle he handed me.

"You know I would never accept drinks from strangers, I never know what they give me." My head began to feel light, "Now tell me son, are you Plasma?" I shook me head no before fading out.

When I had awoken I was sitting tied to a tree at a shrine. "You know son, I thought you were a good kid, maybe trying to join our cause. But then I find this here pokeball, now tell me how does a kid like you get a Pokemon without being a rebel?"

I mumbled, "It was given to me as a gift, I swear I'm here to join the rebellion, I'm not plasma." I couldn't really move, but then again I was pretty tired. "Please give my Herdier back."

"Well seeing as you lied to me the entire train ride I have no reason to trust you, so here is my deal for you, tell me all of the truth, that's who you are, parents, and why I should trust you."

"I'm Erin, and I can't tell you my real parents, but I can tell you that I'm not Plasma, I came here to join the rebellion so I could stop them. I'm sorry I lied sir but I didn't know if you were plasma."

"Son, I don't care who your parents are, but now I have your name and that means it will be easy to find you." He walked up to me with a knife, then cut my ropes. "There is a few tests I'll need to do to make sure you are telling the truth though, we'll start tomorrow, for now here." He tossed me a bed roll and a blanket, "Don't try leaving, unless you want to leap waterfalls, I'll be back tomorrow." With that he left, I decided to sleep instead of escape, seeing as how I was still alive then he must be neutral enough.
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