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I was awoken quiet abruptly by Sir, I saw the sun just rising. "Wow could you pick an earlier time?" I said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry does princess need her beauty sleep?" He taunted kindly.

"Yeah." I groaned, rolling over, "Wake me up when the sun is actually in the sky." He simply snatched my cover off, laughing. I decided to just go with it, the faster I got done with all of this testing the better. "What is the first test?"

He thought about it, "I'll test your skill, if you can beat me in a Pokemon battle, then I will consider letting you in, if you can't beat me then you will be forced out." I shivered, being threatened was not exactly my best idea of a morning wake up. He pulled a pokeball out, moved a good distance back and released the Pokemon within. It was the same Pokemon as mine, a Herdier. "I decided to make this as fair as possible, same Pokemon."

I released my Pokemon, I had never had a battle before, who knew how strong this man was. "Uh, go Herdier!" I released the Pokemon, I tried to remember what moves he knew, I had seen dad train with him before. "Use thunder!" It was the only attack I knew he really learned. It made contact upon his foe, Sir's Pokemon looked a bit hurt but otherwise ignored the attack.

"Taking the initiative to go first eh? I doubt I need to say that your pokemon's thunder is quiet powerful." He laughed, "I guess it is my turn! Herdier use Giga Impact!"

I cringed, that sounded pretty dangerous, I wondered if my Herdier knew it too, "Uh Herdier you do it too!" They charged at each other.

"Not a creative fellow are you? Mirroring my move." The impact sent both Pokemon flying back. My Herdier didn't get up from the attack though, I had lost. "Wow you suck, I didn't get much of a fight at all. I have a question was this your first fight?"

"Yea, I was given this Pokemon. By my parents."

"That makes sense, tell me do they know that you are joining the rebels? I don't hear a lot of high ranking plasma children joining our ranks."

"How did you know?"

"We don't have the money to give Hms to our Pokemon, that and we have no reported missing Pokemon." He sighed, "I suppose we will accept you, though don't expect much freedom, we will have someone assigned to watch you at all times."

"Really who is it?"

"I don't know! If I had to guess it would be Ina, she tends to have a lot of free time. The entire town is full of rebels, so feel free to get to know them, though not everyone is so try not to be completely obvious. I'll send word to the higher ups and Ina." He went off and tossed me a rope, "Good luck getting down that waterfall by the way, it is your second test or something." I sighed, and put Herdier in his ball. I picked up the rope and listened for running water.
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