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    Once the man reappeared by his side, Kai noticed that the man didn't seem happy with Kai's decision to immediately leave him. The man was glaring at him and said,

    "If you are to walk away like that again, I will not come and get you. When I say follow, you should do so. We shall talk when we arrive at our location. Now follow." Kai was not shaken, because he had the tendency to annoy people on the island when he moved at his own pace. So he followed the man who had turned, and continued on to the base. Soon, they stood in front of a tall skyscraper, directly across from the closed down gym. They entered, and the man flashed a badge to the secretary. She pressed a button under the desk, and the elevator opened.

    The two walked into the elevator, and the doors shut. The elevator then began descending. Once they reached the underground area, Kai was led to an empty metal room, which had nothing but two chairs in it. The man sat in one, and gestured for Kai to sit in the other.

    "If you want to join team Plasma, we need to go through a few questions. First, I need your Pokemon. He will be given to a good trainer." The man said, holding out his hand.

    Kai looked at the man with his own glare. "I liberated and bonded with this Sawk, what makes you think I'm not a good enough trainer for this Pokemon? I don't plan to fight you here, but I won't let your strength shake the resolve I built when I liberated this Sawk from that disgusting trainer." Kai rose from the chair and as he did Sawk came out of his Pokeball and tightened his belt in agreement with Kai. The duo stood their ground as they waited for the mysterious man to respond to their resolve.
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