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    After seeing Kai stand up, the man showed a slight smirk as if he wanted to hear Kai fight against him. Kai understood he had made the right choice. However, that all changed when Kai's Sawk was attacked by the man's Pokemon with a powerful psychic attack. After watching Sawk fall to the ground in pain from just one attack, Kai immediately turned to the man.

    "As you can most likely deduce, there isn't a question about it. You will give us your Pokémon." The mysterious man said, standing up. He held his hand out once again.

    "Now I suggest that you give me that Pokéball, before something tragic is to happen" Kai once again looked at Sawk who was struggling to get back up. Kai walked over to Sawk. "Hey don't go pushing yourself this far for me, buddy. Let's just think of this as a separated journey. Right now I'm new and don't want to step on any toes or have you hurt any worst. So even though it's going to be hard...I'm going to give him your pokeball." Sawk was shocked and started to cry, then pleaded with Kai not to let him go. "Hey buddy, this isn't the last we will see of each other, I promise you this, I will rise up in the ranks here and become even more worthy to be your trainer. I'll definitely bring you back to my side!" Kai exclaimed with his fist raised high.

    Sawk wiped his tears away again and believed in the words of his trainer. He hugged Kai one last time before he collapsed from the power of the attack. Kai returned Sawk to his Pokeball and gave it over the mysterious man. "I hope you heard my speech, because every last word of it was true. I will find a way to get stronger and get my Sawk back. In the words of my idol fool, Believe it!" Kai gives the man the Pokeball and sits down in his chair.

    "So before we make anymore exchanges here, why don't you tell me your name and what's this Team Plasma business is all about?"
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