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    Lacunosa Town was unsuccessfully avoided.

    After Seth passed through the old bridge, he had to go through Lacunosa. As he walked, he was scared. Plasma was crawling everywhere, and his Pokeball was safely disguised as some kind of pendant resembling the Light Stone. He kept walking. Throughout the town, it was slowly but surely being turned into a Plasma hub. Many posters were put up on walls everywhere, promoting Plasma way too much. As he passed through one street, he shuddered. This had been his street. His home was being made into a Plasma Pokemon Specialist Building. His town was being defaced to look like Plasma owned the place.

    Wait. Turn around. Walk a few steps. Stop. Turn about 90 degrees to your right- and there it was. A Plasma Pokemon Specialist Building. Where his home once was. Seth wanted to open that door. TO see his father’s warm, caring face. But he knew that wouldn’t happen. The most eventful thing to happen in his family since he lost Mom. He looked through the window. Maybe he could request a private audience with his father? If he was the new Pokemon Specialist-

    Nononononono! That’s not what he had said! They were enemies now! Enemies! The handle could not be touched! Ever! He said it himself!

    He touched the handle.

    NOOOO! His mind yelled at him, told him to stop, to stop now.

    He twisted the handle very slowly.

    Don’t do it! DON’T DO IT, MAN! IT’S NOT WORTH IT!

    The door was gradually opened as the cool air became stuffy and warm instead.

    His mind told him to leave, say it was the wrong building. All he had to do was say it was the wrong building, that he meant to go to the store instead, apologize.

    He walked up to the receptionist. He opened his mouth to speak, but then he heard a “Bing!” from the elevator nearby. He said sorry, and nervously began to walk away.

    “Seth, is that...”

    Seth bolted out of the door and ran all the way to the other side of town. Getting himself a bite to eat, he then headed out South, towards Undella. The route, the all too familiar route with its bridges, its cliffs, and its sand, seemed strange now. Devoid of trainers, fishermen, and the sort, the entire route seemed empty. Lonely. Seth waded out into the Undella Bay, and tried his best not to get his shorts wet. He looked about. No boats, no lights, nothing. What had Plasma done to this world? He walked back onto the route, watching as the sunset came. He continued, and he felt sad. Usually, this place was rife with talk this hour with the fishermen talking about their big catch (or their big failure), ladies talking about their sexy tan, and just people strolling about, talking, the occasional couple enjoying the sunset. But there was none of that. Just Seth, the sunset, and a Scraggy.

    When they began to approach Undella town, Seth returned Scraggy to his PokeBall and subsequently walked into the once bustling city. It was now quiet, with people returning home before the established curfew, and the occasional person here and fro. Before, you would see people on lawn chairs on the beach, and people swimming. Now, it was as desolate as the previous route. As Seth continued through the town, he hoped that he would get some clue as to where to go to get an audience with the council...
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