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I tied the rope to a tree looming over the cliff, "I must be some kind of fool." I said aloud. "And what is with that old man making me climb down this cliff!? How does he get down?" I was enraged, there had to be another way down but I continued lowering myself down, rope tied around my waist. "Well at least I have a rope that isn't string."

With all of the grumbling I did, I almost forgot that I was to meet some sort of mentor, "Ina is such an odd name, I wonder if she is from this region." My foot slipped, making my stomach lurch, "Gah, if I didn't know any better I would think this would be a death sentence!" I tried to relax, my anger was making me swing about. When I finally reached the ground I wondered what to do next. The man had said to socialize, or at least that was what I thought.

I walked into town my clothes were dirty and my pride was a bit tarnished, though I felt like I had overcame my first obstacle. I walked forward, hoping to talk to someone less odd. I did notice a boy making his way out of the water nearby. I watched in confusion as to what he might be doing in there, but I set aside that petty question. Maybe he was a rebel. "Hey! What were you doing in the water?"
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