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    thanks for all the comments people :)
    love it! :)

    here's chapter two, it's rather short compared to chapter one, but I can't write more since I want to leave suspence.

    Chapter Two

    The Buizel gasped when he saw the oddly-coloured Lucario and cried, “L-Lucifer?!” (I’m gonna repeat the last sentence when I start a new Chapter)

    Lucifer blinked and stood there, thinking. A Possible Ally or friend? He thought, looking at the Buizel from top to bottom with a hint of hesitation in his eyes. He looked normal, and didn’t look like a threat at all. Well, his species are cute, so I couldn’t really tell if he was acting friendly or not. He stared at me with large black eyes, like I was some kind of freak. Then he started to walk towards me.

    “I don’t know you.” Lucifer growled and stepped back as the Buizel approached him, his eyes wide with confusion, “Get away from me, Buizel.”

    The Buizel didn’t listen, and Lucifer’s words only made him move faster. The Buizel was obviously ignoring him, and since this was an arena, Lucifer had a strong urge to fight. Lucifer punched him with a fast mach punch, but to his surprise, the Buizel jumped back, avoiding the attack, then jumped and spun around, whacking him with his tail, pushing Lucifer onto the ground with one single tail sweep.

    The tail was small, but the force of that attack was awfully strong like a Hariyama’s force palm, which startled Lucifer. How could one single tail attack be that devastating? He tried moving but he found it rather difficult to do so as if his energy had been sapped away from him.

    “I don’t want to fight, Lucifer.” The Buizel walked towards Lucifer, standing right on top of him, blocking the sunlight which was shining right behind him. The audience went silent once again, waiting for something dramatic to happen. The Buizel looked at Lucifer with fierce eyes, but somehow, it looked rather innocent and friendly on his face.

    “Yeah? That’s what they always say before they beat the living daylights out of you.” Lucifer rolled his eyes and slid under the Buizel’s feet as felt his adrenaline rising, then tripped the Buizel as he went under him. The Buizel screamed and fell onto the ground with a thud, rear first, and the crowd started laughing. Apparently he wasn’t that good either. Lucifer pinned him onto the ground with his paws pressing against the Buizel’s stomach.

    “S-Seriously, man!” The Buizel struggled as Lucifer pinned him onto the ground with all his force, trying to breathe, “L-Let me go! We’re friends, remember?!”

    “You expect me to remember anything?!” Lucifer wailed and his eyes narrowed, pinning him even harder than before.

    “L-Look, man,” The Buizel choked as he struggled to breathe, his hands and feet wriggling as he tried to run away, “I can play dead. Just listen to me when the fight’s over...”

    Lucifer raised an eyebrow. That was a pretty decent idea, but still, listening to him didn’t mean he was going to trust him. But if he really wanted me to listen, then Lucifer might as well listen to his story. Plus, the Buizel might tell him something he wanted to know. Lucifer let go slowly of his neck, but he felt rather sorry for the little guy since he left a large red mark on his neck. Lucifer wanted to shoot him a look that meant Sorry about that, but before he could do anything the Buizel got up and whacked him with his tail again, slapping his face mockingly.

    “Why you-” Lucifer growled and walked towards him with his yellow bone in his hand, “I shouldn’t have trusted you...”

    “Wait!” The Buizel shook his hands frantically and jumped back, his eyes full of fear and anxiousness. Then he whispered, so the audience couldn’t hear him at all, “I’ll try to be as realistic as possible.”

    So he was still pretending. Lucifer nodded and jabbed the Buizel’s stomach with his bone, and the Buizel screamed loudly, somewhat un-realistic, then spun around the arena, moaning in pain.

    “I’m dyyyinnnngggggg....” the Buizel cried as he spun again and again. Lucifer rolled his eyes, that was rather over-dramatic there...but over-dramatic it was, the audience loved it and started laughing at his silly expression on his face. Eventually he came to a halt, then dropped ‘dead’, with his paws and feet pointing at the sky like a dead spider or a dead cockroach, his paws twitching weakly, adding a little un-realism there. His tongue stuck out from the right and Lucifer frowned when he saw saliva dripping out of his mouth. Talk about hygiene.

    The crowd laughed when he did that. They happened to love his act, and they clapped, cheering for the Buizel...and not for Lucifer, which rather annoyed him. Once again, Lucifer rolled his eyes and walked out of the arena, unaware of the Buizel back on his feet and was following the Lucario. When Lucifer entered the sheltered area, the Buizel nudged him from behind.

    “So, how did I do?” the Buizel smiled and asked him sincerely, but quickly shook his head, “We have a lot to talk about, Lucifer. If we can find a place to talk-”

    Right outside the Colosseum, stood a rather classy western cafe, and it attracted the Buizel’s attention, “I rest my case. You hungry?”

    Without waiting for an answer, the Buizel ran towards the cafe, licking his lips. Annoyed by his actions, Lucifer followed, walking behind him. Lucifer tried to act as gentleman-like as possible. It was a high-class cafe, after all. The Buizel found a seat and sat down like he was jumping from the diving board screaming ‘cannonball’ without the screaming. Lucifer sat at the other side of the table and looked at him, being serious.

    “So what are you going to tell me?” Lucifer asked, then growled as the Buizel ignored him by reading ‘Le Menu’.

    “Oh! Sorry about that, the name’s Wade.” the Buizel, named Wade dropped the menu and looked at Lucifer, “We used to be best had amnesia. We go everywhere together, Lucifer. And we had a lot of fun.” Wade said as he waved his hands, calling the waiter, “I’ll have a Carbonara.”

    “Is that all you wanna say, Wade? That’s it?” Lucifer blinked, then looked at the waiter, “Now that you’re here I’ll have sirloin.” then he turned to Wade again, “Can’t you tell me something know...constructive?”

    “Your name is Lucifer, you are 16 years old, you’re male-” Wade smirked and started blabbering about something Lucifer had already known.

    Annoyed, Lucifer slammed his hand against the table with a loud bang. “If that’s what you’re going to tell me, I’m out of here.”

    “I know about your parents.” Wade said, that that stopped Lucifer from leaving the table. Sighing, Lucifer sat down again, with his fingers, or paws, crossed. I hope he’ll tell me something worth saying this time.

    “Your parents have died a long time ago, Lucifer.” Wade told him, shaking his head as if he was sorry for him, “When you were four, your parents died in an accident in order to save you.”

    Lucifer’s heart seemed to miss a beat, and he gasped softly, his eyes as wide as two solid ping pongs. Lucifer himself had no idea that his eyes could be this big. His parents? Dead...because of him? When he was still a little baby Riolu? He looked at the floor and thought, the misery, and the fact, was rather difficult to accept. But since this...Wade, was his best friend, his words should be rather trustworthy.

    “I know it’s rather difficult to accept the truth, Lucifer.” Wade told him, then smiled as his Carbonara arrived. He grabbed a fork and dug in like a wild dog, craving for more food.

    “So where do I live? What do I do for a living?” Lucifer asked him, wanting more information. Since he was going to tell him, Lucifer wanted to know as much as possible.

    “You live in Sinnoh, of course. As for where? I don’t know.” Wade told him, scratching his head. Of course I do...but why should I tell you?, “What do you do for a living...well you don’t do don’t even have a job. You’re unemployed, Lucifer, living on the money your parents have left for you.”

    That was rather awkward.

    “...oh...and who’s Xandra?”

    “Xandra? She’s your mate, your partner, your companion, of course!” Wade laughed, and shot a spaghetti right at Lucifer’s face. Lucifer’s right eye twitched as the spaghetti slid off his face like a worm.

    No wonder she was so concerned.

    “Vat els do ya want ta ast?” Wade asked, looking up as he slurped in another spaghetti, rather disgustingly.

    “One more.” Lucifer told him, watching as he ate his spaghetti, “What should I do now? I don’t even know where I live. And I don’t have much cash...only a 100G prize for joining the arena battles.”

    “That’s an easy question. Wait until you have your memory back. There’s nothing I can do. Maybe you can ask others. Well I’m done eating, see you next time.” Wade finished his lunch and jumped off his seat, telling the waiter, “The Lucario there will be paying for me.” and danced out of the restaurant, leaving Lucifer there as the steak arrived.

    Lucifer looked at his sizzling sirloin and sighed. That Wade wasn’t really useful. And he had to PAY for him. Suddenly he didn’t have any appetite to eat anymore. He looked out the large window. Wade was gone like the wind, and got away with a free meal. How foolish Lucifer thought he was...maybe he should find Xandra someday...maybe she could tell him more...right now, everything’s a mystery.

    “Have you found Xandra yet?” Wade asked, talking on his little mobile outside the cafe, standing in a corner so Lucifer couldn’t see him. He waited for a reply then smiled, “Oh so you found her. Okay. Lucifer? He’s great I guess. Still hasn’t recovered, poor guy. Well since you’ve found Xandra, say hi for me.”


    Xandra woke up right after the Zangoose tried to reach her, and looked around. She walked to Lucifer’s room as she hoped that Lucifer was there, but he wasn’t, which made her even more depressed. He was still avoiding her. Maybe he was just scared and nervous, as he had forgotten everything. Maybe...he didn’t like her anymore...after this incident.

    No matter, she was going to find him sooner or later. He couldn’t had gone far in this Jubilife City. With a new surge of hope, she walked out of the hospital and walked into the jungle, heading towards the large, lively city up front.

    As she was about to reach it, something, or someone, charged from behind and placed his...claws on her neck, stroking it gently, but with a hint of harshness. The claws were sharp, and if Xandra tried to run away, the claws were going to dig into her neck, very, very painfully.

    “...Hi.” the Zangoose snickered as he grabbed her by her waist with his other claw.

    - End of a rather short Chapter Two -

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