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    Chapter Three -

    “He thinks you’re his enemy...Remember. Stay friendly. You’re not his enemy.”


    With 20G in his blue-black side bag and a stuffed stomach, Lucifer was on the move again. The little side bag was a gift from the lotto, as the receptionist was rather friendly. Too bad she couldn’t give him some information. But the side bag was good enough. It was large enough to hold some cash and basic items like water and berries. To his surprise, he could buy things rather cheaply in the city - everybody liked to bargain.

    What now? Lucifer asked himself as he sat next to a fountain. Wade was nowhere to be seen, and he was alone once again. The hospital wasn’t far from here, but was it the right time to see Xandra, after he ran away from her earlier? Not the best thing to do right now. The sound of water calmed his mind, enabling him to think clearly.

    For a while, Lucifer stopped caring about his past and enjoyed the cool autumn air as the wind blew lightly across his face. For one second there, Lucifer’s blue Lucario tail was wagging, and his head was facing the sky, eyes closed as he took a deep, refreshing breath. When his feet was on the ground again, he looked down as he could feel that his feet had stepped on something. A letter? A note? Curious, Lucifer picked it up and studied the piece of paper from top to bottom. The handwriting looked familiar...but it didn’t ring a bell.


    I am in Canalave City, your home. Come and meet me there, I’ll be waiting for you...I hope you are feeling better now. Come here as soon as possible.

    - Xandra

    Xandra’s letter? And if she’s right, then Lucifer’s home was in Canalave, the water city. The handwriting was hers, as he could recognize it after looking at the sender’s name, so this couldn’t be a fake. And, as soon as possible? It was rather weird, but Lucifer supposed that she wanted to see him badly so he got up to his feet, patted his side bag and looked at the street signs.

    When he reached a street sign, he stopped. Route 218 - To Canalave City. This was it. Lucifer started to pick up the pace as he walked past a dozen of Whiscash, and he started to increase his speed as his feet got the rhythm of running. His steady run made quite a ruckus as he ran on the wooden planks, but the Whiscash didn’t seem to mind at all.

    Swimming wasn’t Lucifer’s strength, so he avoided diving into the water as he jumped onto the sharp pointy rocks, sticking out of the water like a border. He leaped from rock to rock like he was stepping stones, and he didn’t show any signs of slowing down. Lucifer was surprised as he should had been tired about now, but his feet didn’t seem to feel a slightest hint of pain or exhaustion.

    Route 218 was rather short, and it didn’t take him long to cross the river. He jumped from the last stone and landed on the ground, trying not to go into the tall grass as he landed. There weren’t ‘wild’ Pokemon for humans to capture, but there were hostile Pokemon in there that were pretty territorial, and Lucifer didn’t want to meet one. Just a few more hundred meters and he was going to arrive at the Canalave pier. Only a few more steps...and he’ll be home...

    Right now, Xandra was the only one he could talk to, and Lucifer hoped that she’ll be here when he arrived. Wade had disappeared, and Lucifer didn’t know anyone reliable. In the past, maybe. But now? Null. When Wade told him that Lucifer’s parents had died a long time ago, Lucifer was rather depressed for a moment. But if the Lucifer before could stand the pain and sadness, then this Lucifer could, even though if he couldn’t remember a thing.

    Knowing that he was going home made him rather excited, and he picked up the pace again, walking quickly along the path that led to the water city. As he walked closer to the city, he could hear sound of water currents, and like he was sitting next to the fountain earlier, soothed him once more. Suddenly Lucifer halted and glanced around. He sensed that someone was near, approaching him from behind. Alerted, Lucifer turned around and faced whoever was looking at him from the tall grass.

    “Who goes there?” Lucifer roared nervously as his eyes squinted, looking into the tall grass. He turned to his left and glanced quickly to see if anybody was going to attack from behind. The patch of grass on the right rustled, and Lucifer quickly jumped back, channeling his Aura, then letting go an orb of red Aura towards the grass. The blast lifted all the dust into the air, making it almost impossible to see anything.

    But Lucifer wasn’t affected by the dust as he knelt down, with his eyes closed, and felt his strong aura deep inside him channeling through his veins. His black appendages acted as antennas, and scanned the aura for any sudden movements. He sensed a green aura approaching him slowly from behind, and behind the green aura was a reddish-white one. Lucifer turned and faced the two Pokemon, his eyes opened again as he stood up slowly. But Lucifer couldn’t believe his own eyes.

    A Zangoose grabbed Xandra from behind by the neck and held her tightly, treating her like a hostage as the tip of his claws poked Xandra’s neck softly. Xandra struggled but she couldn’t or the claws would dig into her neck like a fork digging into a sausage. She was looking at the Zangoose behind her as she struggled, thus she couldn’t see Lucifer. But when she did, she gasped and shook her head frantically, trying to tell him something. Lucifer could understand what she was talking about, but the Zangoose didn’t look friendly.

    “The name’s Zed,” The Zangoose started with a dry and harsh voice. The voice wasn’t very loud, but it was powerful enough to attract the other’s attention. He was about to continue but then Xandra interrupted.

    “Lucifer!” Xandra wailed as loud as she could, “D-Don’t listen it’s a-ARGH-”

    Before Xandra could finish Zed the Zangoose slashed her face with his right hand, causing her to scream in pain as the slash left a long, red mark on her right cheek. The Zangoose cackled and smirked, then looked at Lucifer with his eyes looking directly into his. Lucifer shivered as he felt a chill running up his spine as Zed looked at him, and stepped away from him.

    “What do you want then?” Lucifer took a deep breath and stared at him calmly, trying to fight back with his glowing red eyes, which, worked for a few seconds, as Zed flinched a little when he saw him.

    “...We need to talk.” Zed snickered as he watched the blood dripping from Xandra’s wounds, then looked at Lucifer again, “I know a secret about you, Lucifer. And I am willing to tell you everything...for a price.”

    Then Zed laughed diabolically as he had finally finished his sentence, and made a strange sound which sounded like a whistle. The sound echoed around the tall grass, and five Croagunk stepped out of the grass, with their famous smile on their faces. Lucifer back faced Zed for a while and faced the five, his hands glowing with red aura. He didn’t notice the sixth Croagunk, however, and it sneaked up to him, then stabbed Lucifer with Poison Jab from behind, inserting a strong poison into Lucifer’s body.

    When Lucifer felt the pain, it was already to late. He quickly turned and whacked the Croagunk away, but the pain was spreading from the wound to his head, arms and legs faster than he imagined.

    “If you agree, I will tell the Croagunk to give you an antidote.” Zed chuckled, and watched as Lucifer spun around dizzily like a total moron. Lucifer blinked, trying to stay focus but the poison was too strong to handle. He was already losing consciousness, and he didn’t know how long he could stay focus. Zed had the upper hand, if Lucifer had to fight, he’s going down in a few seconds in this condition. Fighting wasn’t the best choice here. But Zed hadn’t told him the price yet...what if it’s something important to him? What if it’s Xandra’s life?! ...Or maybe his own?

    Lucifer wasn’t going to let that happen. Fighting the dizziness and the numb feet, Lucifer ran to one of the Croagunk then raised his hand, his paw glowing brighter as he approached him. Maybe it was the poison, or maybe it was because Lucifer was just not good enough, because the Croagunk just stepped aside, dodging the attack with ease. Lucifer slammed his hand downwards, but when the Croagunk dodged, Lucifer didn’t have enough time to stop and he lost balance, falling onto the ground with a loud thud.

    The Croagunk saw his chance and charged his Sludge Bomb, but when he pushed the ball towards the Lucario, it was intercepted by a jet of water, and it the bomb exploded right at the Croagunk’s face, blasting him away. Lucifer looked up, and saw an orange paw and two tails wagging behind the orange Pokemon. Lucifer grabbed his paw, and the Pokemon helped him up slowly.

    “Missed me, Lucifer?” Wade beamed as he helped him up, with a large, proud smile on his face, which made Lucifer smile a little, “I love the Gym here you know. Plus, there are CANALS in the city. I love canals! Guess I’m just in time.”

    Lucifer nodded and they stood back to back, ready to fight the Croagunk, as Zed stood there, holding Xandra with no sign of lowering his guard. It was still a rather unfair fight. Six against Two. Just when Lucifer was about to engage, the poison started to affect him again. His vision blurred and his dizziness had returned. Lucifer’s legs trembled and he knelt on the ground weakly, trying his best to fight the unconsciousness.

    “D-Don’t worry, Lucifer, I’ll try to hold them as long as I can...” Wade looked at the weakened Lucario and spoke to him seriously, charging an Aqua Jet, then releasing the power stream of water at one of the Croagunk. When another Croagunk lunged for the Buizel, he jumped and spun his body, bashing the Croagunk with his double aqua tail. Wade shot Lucifer a look that meant I’m famous for my tail, and continued fighting next to him, fending off the enemies as they came close.

    Wade looked like a nice friend to be least he was defending him right now with all his might, and he was rather easy-going with that large smile of his, not to mention his silly but friendly personality. No wonder he’s my friend. Lucifer thought as he lied on the ground weakly, one of his paws on his chest as he struggled to breathe. He was sure that the poison couldn’t kill him - Zed didn’t seem to have the urge to kill him yet. He didn’t have time to think, he glanced at the Buizel which was still fighting beside him, then glaned at Xandra. He couldn’t hear anything anymore, but he knew Xandra was calling his name by reading her lips. Then he blacked out as his eyes closed slowly...

    Lucifer regained consciousness after a while, but he still couldn’t see yet - he was in coma state, and could only feel and hear for the time being. The feeling that he couldn’t move was rather annoying as he tried moving his body in the darkness. His feet didn’t respond to his brain, and was rather frustrating as he couldn’t even hear a thing. After a while that seemed to be forever, he could hear footsteps. The footsteps were getting louder, so someone was heading towards him.

    Then he could feel someone shaking him with his hands, or paws, or claws, he couldn’t really tell. ...Zed...? Please no. Xandra? No...the footsteps didn’t sound like it was from a Kirlia. It didn’t take long to know the answer, however.

    “Lucifer, wake up.” a familiar voice echoed in his mind as the Pokemon shouted next to his ears. Then the Pokemon began to shake him violently until Lucifer managed to open his eyes slowly. The first things he saw were those large black Buizel eyes, then his paw waving in front of me. Lucifer wanted to sit up, but when he tried, he cried in pain and lied on the ground again. So the poison wasn’t totally gone. Lucifer’s feet were numb, and he couldn’t really feel his paws either. Wade was about to pour water over him, but Lucifer stopped by shooting him a stern look.

    “Oh good. You’re awake.” Wade sat next to him and patted him softly, “You’ve been out for five hours.”

    Lucifer looked around. Wade was right. It was noon when he arrived, and now the sun was setting, and the sky had a beautiful orange colour. But that reminded him. Where’s the others? Where’s Xandra? Did they leave Lucifer after he fainted? Did Wade happen to win the fight and scared them away? Wade seemed to see the confused look in Lucifer’s eyes and chuckled.

    “The Croagunk were weaker than you think.” Wade started, “After you blacked out, I continued to fight them one by one, and Zed retreated as I fought the last Croagunk. I couldn’t save your mate though, the Zangoose moved too quickly, and the last Croagunk was still after me as I chased Zed.”

    That sounded...reasonable. If Wade could fight against five Croagunk one by one, he’s a strong Pokemon, that’s for sure, and it impressed Lucifer. Lucifer had his doubts, but he pushed them aside and smiled at the Buizel.
    “Where’s X-Xandra...?” Lucifer asked, slowly sitting up, trying not to hurt himself in the process. She was gone, nowhere in sight, and Lucifer was a little worried, even though he didn’t know if she really was his mate or not. She was trustworthy, and Lucifer could trust her as much as he could trust Wade, “A-And what should we do now?”

    “Zed brought her away, remember?” Wade knocked his head softly, smiling, as he pulled him up, “But, I think he’s taking her to Iron Island. Reasonable hiding place, is it not? Nowhere else to go, anyways.

    Iron Island...they were going to go there via boat, which gave Lucifer a chance to catch up, “When’s the next boat leaving Canalave?”

    “Left ten minutes ago. You can go on the next one.” Wade informed him, “But it’s tomorrow morning. Let’s stay here for the night. Let’s go search for them tomorrow, okay?”

    Lucifer’s eyes widened. Tomorrow morning. He had all night, with nothing to do? Well Wade DID say that Canalave was his home, so maybe Lucifer could roam around tonight without worrying about Xandra. Lucifer looked at the friendly Buizel and slowly nodded after a while of thinking. Wade jumped around excitedly as they were going to sleep in a hotel. Lucifer smirked. That’s what he thought. They were about to search for his home, where he could know more about himself. That didn’t sound like a bad idea at all, and Lucifer liked it. Tonight, he was going to find his home at last.

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