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    Thanks. I really like team 1 too. I was thinking about switching Salamence and Dragonite because Dragonite has Multiscale which would increase his bulk even more and I EV trained Dragonite more in special attack than Salamence. It's a weird toss up. Salamence is faster and has Intimidate but Dragonite has better EVs in S.Att, Multiscale. It's kinda a hard choice. Plus Garchomp is my favorite dragon so not having him on my team would be weird. It's a tie between my original favorite Dragonite and my 3rd gen favorite Salamence. The main reason Zoroark seems to work on my team to me is because his set would allow him to pass for Infernape save for Dark Pulse. Both take sandstorm damage, both are neutral to Stealth Rocks and 3/4 of his moves are ones you'd always or occasionally would see on an Infernape set of some kind. Tyranitar setting up Sandstorm for Garchomp is also very nice, but annoying at the same time with recoil moves like Wild Charge and Life Orb.

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