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    Originally Posted by PokeTerra2011 View Post
    For competitive battiling within the tiers, I have another team set up for the Ubers with Garchomp apart of that. I meant for online/wireless competitive battles. I also use this team for in-game battling. The idea for my team is to have at least one special sweeper, a couple of mixed sweepers or more, and some physical ones. Garchomp's physical and decimates with outrage but he isn't very good mixed where MixedMence and MixedNite thrive. I throw them out to catch my opponent off-guard who are expecting either (Modest/Timid) or (Adamant/Jolly) and they end up being able to do a lot of damage in both. Salamence has EVs in S.Att as well, but Dragonite has been trained much better in S.Att overall. I'm not sure if I'm going to combine the two teams in some way or if I should go for team #1 or team #2.
    Oh my bad. I'm just returning to the game after an 11 month absence. I wasn't aware they had different rules, I guess, for wifi and I guess PO? haha

    Anyways since I don't know the differences, I can't say anything about Garchomp.

    I will say that if you opt to combine the two teams, you probably wouldn't want to put both Dragonite and Salamence on it. Unless you're creating a Dragon-team haha