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    Originally Posted by XEL View Post
    Oh my bad. I'm just returning to the game after an 11 month absence. I wasn't aware they had different rules, I guess, for wifi and I guess PO? haha

    Anyways since I don't know the differences, I can't say anything about Garchomp.

    I will say that if you opt to combine the two teams, you probably wouldn't want to put both Dragonite and Salamence on it. Unless you're creating a Dragon-team haha
    Yea, MixNite and MixMence are pointless to have on the same team and they serve the same purpose. The main difference is that MixMence is faster and possibly can hit harder, but MixNite is bulkier and has Multiscale to reduce all damage it takes by 50% when it's at full hp. So even being slower, he can still come back and destroy. Plus i wouldn't have dragonite and tyranitar on the same team becuz sandstorm negates the effect of Multiscale. I was thinking like having Dragonite, garchomp, zoroark or just using Team #1/2 depending on which one worked out better overall.

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