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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    You could go with Gliscor - it'd benefit from sand, can't be hit by ground which three of your Pokemon are weak to, as well as can't be hit by electric. While HP ice could be an issue, the chances of Pokemon having HP ice in wifi is really unlikely, so it should be pretty safe to switch into, while Garchomp you'd still use HP with anyway, and it'd still otherwise be pretty useless against ground types while Gliscor has ice fang. Starmie could also work, but again, losing HP, and in sand with no recovery move you really don't want it to lose unnecessary HP.
    Thanks I really appreciate your advice as well as the advice of everyone else who posted here. I'm actually liking the idea of a Gliscor on my team and replacing ol' faithful starter Samurott with something that packs more power and also has the speed to back up that power. I'm trynna decide between Hyper Cutter Gliscor, Sand Veil Gliscor, and Poison Heal Gliscor.

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