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I'm going to answer these questions within Gen I format, so anything related to the Pokemon past Gen I will be excluded

1. What is your favorite 1st generation Pokemon?

2. Out of theses options, why is it your favorite:
- it's cute as heck, it's voice and overall looks

- When it's battling and he gets serious it's like when Ash turns it's cap around, you know things are going down

- I don't find Pikachu to be weird at all, cute most likely

- In the anime, Pikachu don't seem to be really rare, but in the game it is, which makes it even more awesome to have one :)

- When someone tells me electric type Pokemon, I think about Pikachu. It defines the electric type for me

- Involvment in the anime? He's the main Pokemon of the main protagonist of the show, that says a lot about Pikachu :)

- The way Pikachu battles, he mixes quickness with hard hitting attacks and sometimes he customize the moves together :)
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