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    Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
    These kinds of guns aren't things that non-military, non-law enforcement people should have anyway.
    Well, These so called "assault weapons" are no different than a hunting rifle, they are just smaller caliber & have the looks of military grade weaponry it's actually a federal crime to make these weapons automatic, the only way to own the automatic version is to have a license which is very limited.I can see what you mean by saving lives even though they kill less than 400 people annually, But if thats the case why don't we focus on more pressing issues that kills more people.Drunk driving is one of the most preventable deaths in the US, Yet 30% of all traffic deaths are caused by it.Now I'm not trying to push blame elsewhere I'm just saying that banning a weapon isn't going to have an effect, the "assault" weapon ban of 94 did not do anything. these bans are just feel good measures...if we actually regulated with background check and had people take a firearms safety class not only would a lot of accidental deaths would be prevented we could make it more difficult for bad people."I'm not necessarily arguing for an all-out ban, but since guns rarely protect people and much more often harm people on accident it's not like we'd be putting people in jeopardy if we banned gun ownership, and it would protect us from that group of "criminals" who won't risk breaking the law for a gun" I've seen and had guns protect me, I grew up in a very bad area out house was robbed multiple times, I've been jumped. I've had guns and knives pulled on me. I know how desperate the street level criminal can be, and they are the ones going in houses, stealing cars, raping women.I remember being a kid and we dented some guy car and so he went ape **** and was trying to get into our house and was threatening us, so my little bros dad brandished his Legal pistol and the guy knew that coming in would be an unhealthy choice. There is cases of guns protecting people and banning the ability for people to protect them and their property is very shameful. We all have the right to protect ourselves and loved ones.Take it from someone who grew up in the "hood" its not a nice place its scary you don't go out at night.Also out right banning guns won't work anyways because then criminals will get them from mexico, and mexico would have to get them imported from other countries, Or criminals would steal them from Canadians...then the law abiding citizen would not be able to protect himself unless he wants to become and outlaw.Theres the saying "When guns are outlawed, I will be an Outlaw". All in all we cant stop the violence outlawing would only create more outlaws and end up killing more good guys, flip side is regulation and education wont get rid of it either but at least it makes most sense. Don't get me wrong I'm not a red blooded republican conservative I'm just a guy who believes in his constitutional rights, I feel we have the right to live a good life and protect it from those who are willing to take it. I'm no fool i know guns aren't a guarantee but they are an equalizer and thats all i ask for is an equal chance to protect my life.
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