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    Originally Posted by Zayphora View Post
    Ugggh. Looked at those sprites. ROARK LOOKS LIKE A GIRL AGAIN!!!!! GYAAAAH *rage* God, I hate that guy's sprite.

    People with the weirdest positions-
    Wallace. What is he DOING?!?!?
    Juan. EWWWW I know nothing about Hoenn, and this guy is still ugly.
    Drayden. What is he WEARING? SPIKY OLD MAN SUSPENDERS?!?!?
    Giovanni. Since when is he so short and chubby?

    Sorry for the rage here. Some of these guys just look so WEIRDDDD.
    Uh those are the sprites they've used in previous games (revised sprites in the case of Wallace and Juan).
    Ps: Wallace is bowing.

    Anyways I'm looking forward to seeing what team Giovanni has. Hope he has Rhyperior, Nidoking, and Nidoqueen.
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