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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Lucia's Room

    Lucia nodded, "I'll catch you around then." She said with a soft smile.

    Diana nodded her head. "Hehe, at this rate you'll beat up every pokemon in the entire school! Try not to injure them too easily. Then you won't have anyone left to practice against!" She giggled. "I'll be an Aggron soon you hear! Don't forget it!"

    Tyro smiled at Able and poked her back, "I'llbefastestandfirecoveredandthenyou'llhavetorunawayfromme!" He said with a snicker. He glanced at where Samuel had left, "Why'dSamleave?"

    Roberto spoke up, "That's not for you to know Tyro. It's nothing... at least I hope it won't last."
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