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    C.J. Styles
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    C.J. watched as Trunks used Chomps momentum to fly into the air, bringing back flashbacks of how he actually caught her. Funny, history repeats yet again. The smirk that emerged on Issac face told C.J. what sort of move was coming. He didn’t know exactly what it would be but he new it would be a Special Attack. Then he heard Issac call out for a SolarBeam.

    Perfect, time to show some real skills. “Chomp!” he yelled out then suddenly stopped himself, or at least it would appear that way. “Sand Tomb, technique #2.” He said to Chomp telepathically. When Chomp regained her composure she had but a few seconds to react to the intense beam of light coming at her. She crouched down and medium sized sand dunes rise out of the ground around her, a split second before impact. C.J. wasn’t sure if the move succeeded or not.

    All that could be seen from his angle was Chomp recover from the Take Down and get ready for the defense. When SolarBeam hit the Sand Dunes there was an extreme flash of light and an explosion of dust that reached the far ends of the field. C.J. covered his mouth to prevent himself from breathing in dust.

    When everything settled, Chomp was no longer a mere Gible, during the course of the last attacks she had evolved, however, she was crouching on one knee, worn out but not defeated. There isn’t much left in her, I have to make the next few moves count.Dragon Claw!” C.J. yelled out.

    Chomp, without wasting time, rushes towards Trunks as fast as she can. Both of her claws glow light green and she slashes at Trunks leaving behind a trail of energy the same color glow of her claws. C.J. wasn’t sure how much Chomp had left but he had a few tricks left up his sleeve if she could hold out.
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