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    Issac Milke - Behind the Dorms

    “Not intruding at all. My names, C.J. this here is Issac, and you are?” C.J. said, smiling back at the boy.
    "Hello." Issac said with a wave following C.J.'s introductions. He turned back to C.J. "I actually have some potions. Thank you, though. Excuse me guys."

    Issac turned away from the two and took a few steps away, pulling the pokeball back off his backpack. "Come back out, pal." He said softly as tossed his pokeball into the air.
    "Twiii" Trunks said sorely.

    Issac got down on
    his knee, pulling his backpack off as he went down.
    "Here you go
    ," Issac said as he pulled a potion from his bag, using it on him as he got close.
    "Tuuhwig!" Trunks exerted with energy.
    "Now go play some." Issac commanded with a smile while putting his backpack onto his back once more and getting back up. He made his way back to C.J. and the stranger. "Sorry about that."

    "Twig Twig! (Nice battling! I didn't stand a chance)" Trunks said as he approached Chomp.

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