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Snype looked at Chomp and gave off a large grin. "Kehe, well I've dealt with a few big Pokemon myself! Its all about tricking them. Kehe. Hey maybe sometime we can battle. I can show you what I mean!" Snype said happily.

Seemed like they planned to go to the mountains. "I'd like to but its been kind of a long day for me. Long story." Mark said. Suddenly somebody else approached them. It seemed like a Teacher... he seemed kinda lost. Looks like he just arrived himself.

"Its the tallest building here. You should be able to find info at the front desk there." Mark said.

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power
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