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    Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
    Playing with friends is always easier if you ask me. I had one game on Ventrilo with some random friends in a Draft game and we won. It was weird because it made me auto Brand, someone I'd never played before. Really it's the ragers who ruin the game for everyone who want to play, not the people who aren't as good as someone else. I'll admit I have raged before, but I'm not expressing it online, just to myself.

    As for the raging thing, it's actually in the Summoners' Code that raging is to be expected or something, so you should wait until you're in their shoes and see. I mean it's okay for a level of raging, but there is a line for when you start raging. I had someone on my team blame this other guy for feeding, yet the person raging had more deaths. I saw someone's livestream once about how they report people for things. If someone's just not as good as you'd want them to be, it's not a reason to report them, but if someone's intentionally trolling then you should. People have off games all the time, so yeah.

    As for runes, I could use another page, but seeing as I mostly run AP and support, I should be fine for now. Don't forget you have that rune mixer thing you can use your lower tier runes to get higher tier runes.
    I'm AP 90% of the time :P
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