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Originally Posted by Amekage View Post
This could use a section like "Last Words" or something that basically stresses how much time and effort it can take to create a full-fledged game, especially by oneself. It seems a lot of beginners don't realize this and take big projects on, only to lose interest and give up. If they know they don't have a lot of time, it might be worth advising them to downscale the idea for a project (cut parts out, make the whole thing smaller), to heighten the chances they'll actually finish (or release something of good quality).
This is actually a good idea. I should be updating the post here soon with a little snippet to add to the tutorials section as well as just some additional links.

Giving the OP a look over, I am currently unsure of where to put the 'Last Words" section so any suggestions as to where you guys would think it would fit best and feel natural is appreciated.

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