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    The new Opening post looks smashing!

    or rather, dare i say, Fantastic? *buhdum tsh*


    At what point in the comic did you feel the most anticipation?

    There probably a better word for that. Basically what Im trying to sayis, when did you get that knot of dread in your stomach? Popluar choices are Gamzee's murder rage and Caliborn: Enter. For me, it was when Eridan flipped his lid and killed Fef 38( sad day.....mainly because those were two of my favorite trolls and one died and the other turned evil (kinda. more like nihilist) so was saddened. But then Sollux didn't die so I was like "yay one (of my favs) lived"

    Oh hey, maybe we can call it What is the scariest part of Homestuck (in your opinion)?

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