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    Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
    Hahahaha oh man bobandbill told me about this fic and am so glad to check it out. :D I love the idea of characters (original or canon) acting out the scenes and how they'll act it out will depend how much descriptions/imagery/emotions/etc they have at the moment. Also love the mention of advertising to get readers (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't :P ) and one way to do that is jump into other stories (lol at the Anima Ex Machina part there). Your drawings are very enjoyable too, LOL.
    Oh, thanks! This is high praise indeed - especially about the drawings; I'm pretty sure they're the weakest part of the story, but they couldn't be avoided.

    Originally Posted by Bay Alexison View Post
    Besides recognizing The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum and Anima Ex Machina, I think I also spot a couple other characters. Would Liam and Brock be the same characters from Neko Godot's script fic? Also, is Rosario the same Sandshrew from the Small Writing Contest fic a while back? Just wondering, haha. Haven't read The Thinking Man's Guide, but after reading The Beastman I had that chaptered fic in my to read list. I'll get to it, eventually. x_x

    Overall this is a very fun read and wasn't disappointed! :D
    Actually, I haven't drawn on any other stories. If there's any resemblance to the Liam and Brock from The Gym, it's because Liam and Brock are, almost by definition, quite silly characters. It's never mentioned in-game, but somehow, the idea that the pair of them are complete idiots has managed to take root in the head of everyone I talk to about them.

    As for Rosario, I'm not even sure I know which Sandshrew you mean. I don't think I've ever used a Sandshrew in a story before.

    Anyway, thank you for reading and reviewing, and I hope you enjoy Guide.


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