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Originally Posted by RASENCERO View Post
I hope so, otherwise it will be rather boring. He can't even see spirits in his current condition. I don't that Urahara is going to leave it like that.

Aizen was the cause of a lot of things, now that he is gone things hopefully will change. The vizards could return to SS; Urahara could continue his work on the hougyoku, if he removed it from Aizen; Isshin can finally tell the complete story. I wonder how they got Aizen from his seal into that chair.... he was already regenerating when he was sealed, the moment he was released from the seal he would have tried to make a break for it. Unless Urahara made the seal to prevent him from doing so.
I don't why they didn't execute him. I mean seriously, is it good to keep someone who almost destroyed the Soul Society alive?