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    Originally Posted by Rossay View Post
    For those who are struggling to figure out how this works:

    1) Download it
    2) Install the Net Framework if you get a runtime error (link in above posts)
    3) Use something like Tahaxan to extract the nameless files found in a/0/9/2 and a/0/9/3. Name them as trdata.narc and trpoke.narc respectively.
    4) You can use whatever unpacking program you want, but the only one I could get to work was CrystalTile2. With CrystalTile2 go to File>Open and open one of the 2 .narc files. You will get a pop-up box with approx 616 lines in it. Make a folder called trpoke (or trdata) then right click one of them and select EXPORT and save it in the folder you created. To save time, you can hold shift and highlight all at once if you want all of them.
    5) run the trainer editor and select the 2 folders as the destinations then edit your trainers and their pokes, save them, use CrystalTile2 to import the altered files in (rightclick > IMPORT) and then use Tahaxan to repack them to the ROM.

    Hope that helps a bit :S I'm not the most experienced at ROM hacking but this method worked for me lol.
    .NET framework fixed the problem... I did that and now its working....:D I'm gonna have to add in the English names manually.... oh well, this is awesome. THANKS SO MUCH MAGIUS!!! I've been wanting to make the game harder and now I can.
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