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    Originally Posted by greg0915 View Post
    Dark Type shiny sprites that I like:
    Ooh...shiny sprites! Thank you so much...I will use them for those who want shinies. YOU CAN CLAIM SHINY POKEMON...if you all didn't know. For starters, if they're one of these, you're in luck. If not're getting a bigger avatar, but shiny nevertheless.

    Originally Posted by miltankRancher View Post
    I like Zorua and zoroark's shiny form. It's like they are burning with an.... Internal eternal fire.
    I love their shiny form, with the blue flame and awesome color scheme.

    Originally Posted by Houndoomed View Post
    There are many pokemon, two in particular, that I think should have been dark types. I love and use these two all the time. Both of them have dark moves in their sets and have that look of savageness and coolness that all Dark types should have.

    Ursaring is a single Normal classification which sees like a waste to me, wouldn't it be cool to have had a Normal/Dark type?

    Scizor would need to retain his Bug type status obviously but could have easily been Dark over steel for the second one, he learns pursuit too naturally.

    Here is what I would have liked them to look like.

    Other Pokemon that Zeus thinks should be Dark: Toxicroak, Donphan, Gliscor.

    Just my thoughts

    I agree with you, especially with the Ursaring and the Gliscor. Both have dark-type looks and schemes in them, and may learn a few move or two.'s fine, don't really matter much, and Toxicroak I agree with you. and Donphan looks like one, yet I'm not sure it can attack like one....