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Hello there, Catsup, and a big welcome to the forum! n_n

But wow, it's great that you have so many interests. You're quite a rounded person! Since you're an artist, why not post some of your art in the Art & Design section for us to see? :D I'm an artist as well and would love to check out and give feedback on your work!

And haha, that's totally fine, many of us were lurkers before we joined, myself included. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself getting involved with things here, though, since we have quite a great community with some people people.

Since you seem to like anime, we have the Japanese Entertainment section you might be interested in, so I'll leave the link here for you. Though, of course, it's totally up to you if you want to post there!

Aaanyway, I quite enjoyed reading your intro, actually. <3 So I really hope you stick around, because you do seem like a fun person. Have fun around here, all right?

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