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The Art of RNG

Welcome to the Art of RNG! Here we discuss RNG abuse and show off our most recent RNG abuses. If you need help with RNG abuse, please review the RNG Guides and feel free to ask any questions here. We would like to encourage you to try on your own first, but don't be afraid to ask for help if you are just plain lost. We're here to help and spread the joy of RNG abuse to anyone interested.

~ If you're asking for help,
- Provide which version of RNG Reporter (or PPRNG for Macs) you're using.
- Provide which version Pokemon game you're playing.
- What are you trying to capture or hatch? What were your results? Explain what you're doing.
- What is your target seed and frame? How are you verifying your seed or frame? If you can provide screenshots of what you're seeing/doing in RNG Reporter, please do so.
- Please don't get frustrated if you're continuously failing. Your first RNG attempts may take several hours or even days. Be polite to those trying to help you.

~ If you're commenting on others' RNG abuses,
- Please try to be respectful as possible when advising or criticizing a member.
- Please don't request a trade on here. If you particularly like a member's abuse, try to respectfully request for a trade from said member's Trade Shop or contact him/her via VM, if they do not have a Trade Shop.

~ If you're posting your own RNG abuses,
- Add to the conversation. Don't just post your new Pokemon and nothing else.

RNG Guides
Trade Corner's Black/White RNG Guide
Everstone's DPPt/HGSS RNG Guide

RNG Programs
Windows: RNG Reporter (requires .Net Framework 4.5)

Eureka! The RNG wall is just a distraction, behind some lose vines is the real pathway. You creep through the narrow passageway, the stones in the walls laden with sparkling, azure stones.

It's only then that you notice more strange markings, this time caved in to the wall. The markings seem to show a pattern - the first stone only has one, the second has two, and the number of marks ascends the further along the wall. Until... nothing. A blank stone and the end of the passageway. Through a deep crack, light trickles in - but how do you get through there?
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