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Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Destiny were not announced as exclusives and thus most likely aren't. I'm looking for exclusives here when it comes the big three.

Other than that, it's stuff we already saw, plus The Order which is eh imo.
It's more about when it happened rather than the status of the product to the masses, and its all about the approval ratings to the company (which will definitely come back to aid Sony (and SE) in the future). It's because it happened at Sony's that people are so ecstatic, and that's what Sony wanted. It certainly worked out for them.

Though Kingdom Hearts will probably be exclusive. None of the KH titles have ever been on a non-Sony home console (though they're fair game with the portables). Final Fantasy will also probably be Sony exclusive, since the only FF to date (not counting remakes or the Nintendo days of yore) to ever go multiplat was the XIII trilogy, with XIV being PC/PS3.
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